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document_dsc_option.patch Documents lower case option for dsc option There were parsing problems with DSC option and, together with a fix
to #176012 and #76569, the lower case of dsc was allowed.

Nigel Jones <> invalid 2011-08-06
remove_latin1_char.patch Replace latin1 character to proper troff syntax Bokml was spelled using a latin1 character. It was changed to use troff's
syntax instead. That way we keep the manpage encoding agnostic.

Florian Ernst <> no 2011-08-06
xhtml2ps_defaults.patch Set the default postscript viewer in xhtml2ps to "see" Upstream default doesn't fit well with a Debian system. Using see and
lpr are a better default since they match commands available for
Debian. Bug #72034 has a bigger discussion regarding the subject.

Ralf Treinen <> no 2011-08-06
default_paper_size.patch Add support to the default paper size Uses paper size specified by libpaper instead of defaulting to A4. This
makes the software integrate better with the system and user
spectations of it.

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 07b79e8..51a60b6 100755
Stephen Zander <> no 2002-11-19
proper_variable_escaping.patch Correctly quoting of paper configuration The paper type wasn't set correctly even after using paperconf because
certain variables weren't correctly escaped and EOR wasn't correctly
quoted. This patches fixes that.

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 51a60b6..c941b2c 100755
Trent Buck <> no 2007-04-29
shell_tricks_removed.patch Removed shell tricks The packaged stopped working in 1999 due to this. This patches
substitutes the codes which used a shell to open perl to a hashbang
calling perl interpreter directly.

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index c941b2c..1404164 100755
Raphael Hertzog <> no 1999-07-24
configuration_path.patch New path for referenced files Debian policy requires documentation and configuration files to lie
in a place different than used by upstream.

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 1404164..45351d2 100755
no 2011-08-06
large_eps_fix.patch Fixes segmentation fault caused by large EPS Running html2ps on files with largish EPS images (using the --original
option) can cause the program to segfault. After some examination with
perl -d and gdb, it turned out that perl's regexp matching engine blows
the stack with thousands of frames. The following trivial patch seems
to fix the problem, and it also makes EPS handling noticeably faster

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 45351d2..18d4d4d 100755
Lauri Alanko <> no 2003-05-18
always_require_posix.patch Always require posix
diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 18d4d4d..2876275 100755
no 2011-08-06
check_file_state.patch Checks if file is usable before referencing it
diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 2876275..66c1bfb 100755
no 2011-08-06
DSC_to_dsc.patch DSC renamed to dsc This is patch fixes #176012 and #76569

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index 66c1bfb..aea859e 100755
Nigel Jones <> no 2005-05-29
fix_ps.patch diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index aea859e..ba6bf3b 100755
checker_warning.patch Warns about HTML syntax checker returning an error If the HTML syntax checker returns an error (if the command doesn't
exist or if it fails), the original behaviour is to quietly continue.
This patch makes html2ps louder. It warns that the HTML syntax checker
program returned an error.

diff --git a/html2ps b/html2ps
index ba6bf3b..1908139 100755
Rafael Cunha de Almeida <> invalid 2011-01-17
upstream_changelog.patch Split README file into changelog and README Upstream files README and changelog were split to better fit how things
work in Debian.

diff -Nurd html2ps-1.0b7.old/changelog
Rafael Cunha de Almeida <> no 2011-01-17
perl-deprecations.patch fix various deprecations which became fatal in perl 5.26 - escape { in regexps
- replace POSIX::tmpnam() with File::Temp's backward compatibility equivalent
- additionally drop assignment to $[
gregor herrmann <> no debian vendor 2017-07-15

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