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Status for id3tool/1.2a-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
typos.patch Fix some typographical errors. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2018-08-30
warnings.patch Fix some compiler warnings Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2014-03-11
autoreconf.patch Modernize the Autoconf templates a bit. Use the autoconf and automake initialization macros properly.
Fold acconfig.h into using conditionals and AH_BOTTOM().
Fix bsd_getopt.h to get rid of an infinite include loop.
Turn on automake warnings, non-fatal because of the name.
Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2014-10-24
lfs.patch Let autoconf detect Large File Support. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2016-04-18
werror.patch Add the --enable-werror configure option. Peter Pentchev <> invalid 2016-04-18

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