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Status for impacket/0.10.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
98238ee2324bc31be3ebd7ceb7bc9f6c4777e1b3.patch [PATCH] add dsinternals ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers no upstream,; 2022-05-13
55bcbbcf806fe477a6b7273069fb2a1c54ebfa00.patch [PATCH] Fix mssql 'SSL routines' error #856

By default, TLS1.0 is not supported anymore when you install a new mssql server (2016/2019)
mpgn <> no upstream,; 2022-06-23
58fcbf27e07b53c3881715419fca72ba7594c5c9.patch [PATCH] Update mpgn <> no upstream,; 2022-06-23
a8c45a7a110dc4325075a8c755e7dbb2e8eacea5.patch [PATCH] Fixed ldap 'SSL routines error' lap1nou <> no upstream,; 2022-06-28
f53a80627507da345a1c6e7a9bc4ab8fd83dd9e3.patch [PATCH] Fixed TLS method lap1nou <> no upstream,; 2022-06-28
01cae775df2d2ac7f6be4ed27b3885aaed9f3350.patch [PATCH] Changed the setting up for new SSL connections * Modified the SSL context setting. Using TLS_METHOD the protocol version used will be
negotiated to the highest version mutually supported by the client and the
server * Modified cipher list setting. Defining 'ALL:@SECLEVEL=0' enables
compatibility with previous versions. * Updated pyOpenSSL requirement to
>=v21.0.0. This version included the TLS_METHOD definition.
0xdeaddood <> no upstream,; 2022-06-29
e10ae8e6549f0d5fbc537582e34b65ed1be45aa0.patch [PATCH] Updated * Since the pyOpenSSL requirement has been updated, we can now use the dump_publickey() function. 0xdeaddood <> no upstream,; 2022-06-29
c74caff0f2dd91a5be78140358dd30b653f7be6a.patch [PATCH] Added support for TLS1.0 0xdeaddood <> no upstream,; 2022-07-20
5729662b06c04b7b1324ec0c7e96fc21f53e216d.patch [PATCH] Import ABC from for Python 3.10 compatibility. Karthikeyan Singaravelan <> no upstream,; 2022-03-21
dont-install-examples-as-scripts.patch all examples/* are installed in /usr/bin Sophie Brun <> not-needed 2022-05-05

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