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local/0001-build-Disable-GFDL-info-files-and-useless-man-pages.patch [PATCH 1/5] build: Disable GFDL info files and useless man pages
We do not install the info file due to GFDL, and because it would
require an inetutils-doc package. Nor the man pages from upstream
generated with help2man as they are problematic for cross-building
and contain no additional information to what is already available
via --help output.

Instead we ship our own proper man pages.

Not forwarded upstream due to GNU policies regarding man pages.
Guillem Jover <> not-needed vendor, Debian 2010-06-09
local/0002-build-Use-runstatedir-for-run-directory.patch [PATCH 2/5] build: Use runstatedir for /run directory Guillem Jover <> no vendor, Debian 2021-09-05
local/0003-inetd-Change-protocol-semantics-in-inetd.conf.patch [PATCH 3/5] inetd: Change protocol semantics in inetd.conf
Readd parts of the original patch that got botched when applied

* src/inetd.c (getconfigent) [IPV6]: Change default family to IPv4 for "tcp"
and "udp". Change "tcp6" and "udp6" to support IPv4 mapped addresses.
Guillem Jover <> yes vendor, Debian 2010-09-06
local/0004-Use-krb5_auth_con_getsendsubkey-instead-of-krb5_auth.patch [PATCH 4/5] Use krb5_auth_con_getsendsubkey() instead of krb5_auth_con_getlocalsubkey()

The latter is not exposed in the headers anymore.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor, Debian 2022-08-10
local/0005-inetd-Add-new-foreground-option.patch [PATCH 5/5] inetd: Add new --foreground option
This option avoids daemonizing, like --debug, except that it does not
imply debugging output. To be used primary by the systemd service.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor, Debian 2023-08-08

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