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Status for insubstantial/7.3+dfsg3-5.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
no_android.patch Do not build android parts of trident Andrew Ross <> not-needed other 2011-03-29
version.patch revert to last stable version / remove SNAPSHOT Felix Natter <> not-needed other 2015-06-01
javadoc_encoding.patch Set javadoc encoding to UTF-8 Felix Natter <> not-needed 2015-06-13
asm5.patch move package from ASM2 to ASM5/libasm4-java (older versions will be removed from Debian) Felix Natter <> invalid 2015-10-24
java9-compatibility.patch Fixes the compatibility with Java 9 Emmanuel Bourg <> no
fix-56.patch Work-around for [#56]( as suggested in [#56#issuecomment-333986024]( Andrius Merkys <> no debian
java-11-disable-augmentation.patch Java 11: disable augmentation
Since Java 11, Java bytecode is required to include some additional
metadata. The bytecode generated by laf-widget for "augmentation" of
other widget libraries does not follow this requirement, resulting in
a build failure.

A later version of laf-widget has removed this augmentation rather
than fixing it:

This augmentation does not seem to be essential, so disable it until
it is fixed or properly removed.
Ben Hutchings <> no debian 2023-03-03

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