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Status for iraf/2.17-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Use-system-libraries-when-possible.patch Use system libraries when possible
This includes cfitsio and readline.
curl and expat are already handled upstream.

Lapack cannot be replaced, since IRAF uses a memory model (ILP64;
integers are 8 byte long) that is not used by lapack.
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-11-22 Create a global in /etc Ole Streicher <> no 2017-11-25
Adjust-version-number-and-motd.patch Adjust version number and motd Ole Streicher <> no 2017-11-23
Remove-architecture-dependency-in-the-names-of-bin-subdir.patch Remove architecture dependency in the names of `bin` subdirs.
Instead of bin.linux, bin.linux64 they will be names just "bin".
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-11-25
Propagate-CFLAGS-and-debug-flag-to-xc.patch Propagate CFLAGS and debug flag to xc Ole Streicher <> no 2017-11-22
Skip-source-dependent-tests.patch Skip source dependent tests
The sources are not available in the installed IRAF, so we skip the
tests that need them.
Ole Streicher <> no 2017-11-25
Write-default-iraf-host-tmp-variables-back-to-environment.patch Write default iraf,host,tmp variables back to environment
This allows one to run mkpkg (and build external packages) without the
need to define a number of environment variables on the command
line. As a side effect, it gets rid of the unflexible `ev_table`
Ole Streicher <> no 2018-07-05 Fix defterm, imdif and cachedir in
See for the bug description
Ole Streicher <> no 2018-10-15
Ensure-reproducible-build.patch Ensure reproducible build
Respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. This is important for building the help db.
Ole Streicher <> no 2019-03-23
Add-.note.GNU-stack-section-to-zsvjmp.S.patch Add .note.GNU-stack section to zsvjmp.S Ole Streicher <> no 2022-07-13
Replace-vfork-with-fork.patch Replace vfork() with fork()
vfork() is marked obsolete in POSIX.1-2001 and was removed from Posix
in POSIX.1-2008. Newer macOS compilers warn about this, so we remove
it. vfork was used in Debian only for speed improvements by avoiding
copying the address space; however modern systems use copy-on-write,
this argument is not actual anymore.
Ole Streicher <> no 2022-07-20
Avoid-using-ECHO-in-generic-s-token-parser.patch Avoid using ECHO in generic's token parser
ECHO does an unconditional output. When processing a condition with f.e.

$for (rd)
$if (datatype == r)
if (IS_INDEFD(GM_XO(fit)))
call gsset (sf1, GSXREF, INDEFR)

then we want the output for IS_INDEFD and INDEFR only while processing
"r" (real). When INDEF(R|D|...) is causing an ECHO, this results in
additional "INDEFDINDEFR" in the output.

Replacing ECHO with outstr(yytext) solves the problem.
Ole Streicher <> no 2022-11-06
Set-the-use_new_imt-setting.patch Set the 'use_new_imt' setting Ole Streicher <> no 2022-10-27

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