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Status for irstlm/6.00.05-4.1

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1001_fix_build_issues.patch improves autoconf building Autoconf package files have several issues:
- macro order in is not right;
- version in is not up to date;
- perform useless (and wrong/failing) operations;
- src/ includes some AM_CXXFLAGS that are usually users domain;
- headers are not installed in their own irstlm directory;
- library version info is missing.
This patch solves these issues.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1002_fix_problems_identified_by_cppcheck.patch fix some problems reported by cppcheck Giulio Paci <> invalid
1003_fix_online_help.patch fix -h option handling This patch fix -h options handling: it ensures that -h option is
always supported, without any argument and reformat output so that
a minimum set of information is always present, with similar format,
in every tool.
Giulio Paci <> invalid
1004_do_not_install_private_scripts.patch prevent installation and distribution of private scripts Giulio Paci <> invalid

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