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Status for ivar/1.3.1+dfsg-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Fix-warning.patch Initialise array in testfile explicitly to empty string array Nilesh Patra <> no 2021-08-28
forward-build-options.patch inject Debian build options Étienne Mollier <> not-needed 2021-08-28
gcc-11.patch fix ftbfs with gcc-11 Failure is caused by a mismatch between an instance allocation via "new"
operator, and it's freeing via free(3) instead of "delete". The failure to
build from source is caused by the warning -Wno-mismatched-new-delete, which
is treated as an error.
Étienne Mollier <> yes debian 2021-08-28
gcc-11_2.patch Fix another gcc-11 build failure due to uninitialized variable Gianfranco Costamagna <> yes debian 2021-09-22
privacy-breach.patch fix privacy-breach-generic in cookbookpage.html The document refers to a diagram hosted on github, but there is a local copy
readily available for use, so lets use this one.
The file layout is somewhat odd, so I refrained to forward upstream.
Étienne Mollier <> not-needed 2021-09-16
gcc-12.patch fix ftbfs with gcc-12. Étienne Mollier <> yes debian 2022-07-12

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