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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
interactive-tests.patch Declare some tests as interactive Rafael Laboissière <> no 2021-08-30
po_mode-update.patch Updated version of po_mode Updated po-mode, supplied by Morten Bo Johansen, from
Morten Bo Johansen <> no debian 2021-09-05
utf8-encoding.patch Recode some files fom ISO-8859-1 into UTF-8 Rafael Laboissière <> no 2021-08-29
regex-rst-mode.patch Fix regular expression Rafael Laboissière <> no 2021-08-30
snake-show-score-apple-place.patch Show number of left items when placing a new apple Rafael Laboissière <> no 2021-09-09
aspell-a-option.patch Does not break original ispell mode from jed This issue has been largely discussed in Bug#572621. Adding the -a
option to aspell in variable Ispell_Program_Name seems to be an
acceptable solution, in particular when users put the following in
their ~/.jedrc:
autoload ("ispell", "/usr/share/jed/lib/");
autoload ("flyspell_mode", "flyspell");
and activate flyspell mode in their buffers. Without the change in this
patch, users that do so will have a non-functional "\e$" key.
Jörg Sommer <> no debian 2021-09-26
skip-dict-curl-test-if-no-network.patch Do not run unit test involving curl if network is not activated This is necessary because some auto-builders disable the network
connection at build time. This is a Debian-specific patch.
Rafael Laboissière <> not-needed 2021-11-21

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