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Status for jets3t/0.8.1+dfsg-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_replace_uuid_lib.diff replace UUID library with the one provided by JDK since 1.5 versiondiff -Naur jets3t-0.7.3+dfsg/src/org/jets3t/servlets/gatekeeper/impl/ jets3t-0.7.3+dfsg/src/org/jets3t/servlets/gatekeeper/impl/ Miguel Landaeta <> no
02_build_with_debian_jars.diff compile jets3t using libraries installed on systemdiff --git a/build.xml b/build.xml
index baeccae..6636aae 100644
Miguel Landaeta <> no
04_add_barebonesbrowserlaunch_source.diff add BareBonesBrowserLaunch class to the source
The reason of this patch is because upstream bundled a library named
BareBonesBrowserLaunch.jar, which contains a simple class file used to
open the default browser installed on system. JDK 1.6 includes a class
to do this, but upstream is targeting users from JDK 1.4 or greater,
so he keeps including this library.

IMO, it is not worth the effort to package that library. So I am including
the source of that library here and giving proper credit in copyright file.

diff -Naur jets3t-0.7.2+dfsg/src/com/centerkey/utils/ jets3t-0.7.2+dfsg/src/com/centerkey/utils/
Miguel Landaeta <> no
05_add_thirdparty_targets.diff compile third-party libs from source before the main compilation
Since BareBonesBrowserLaunch is needed to compile jets3t, they must be
compiled first. So, this patch add some ant targets to do this.
Miguel Landaeta <> no 2011-04-13
06_fix_scripts.diff set correct location of libraries in jets3t scripts
This patch set the location of default JAVA_HOME and the location of some
needed libraries in jets3t scripts.
Miguel Landaeta <> no 2010-04-13
07_add_classpath_to_manifest.diff include Class-Path header in jets3t public jar Miguel Landaeta <> no 2010-04-13
08_generate_javadoc.diff add ant target to generate javadoc files from source Miguel Landaeta <> no
09_rename_app_jars.diff rename apps jars as is recommended in Debian Java Policy Miguel Landaeta <> no
10_java15.diff Set source and target classes to Java 1.5. Since the source code includes annotations, it can not
longer be built with Java 1.4.
Miguel Landaeta <> no 2011-04-14
11_source_encoding.diff Sets the source encoding to fix the build failure with recent JDKs Emmanuel Bourg <> no

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