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Status for jpeg-xl/0.7.0-10.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
do_not_force_cxx11.patch Not clear why upstream force -std=c++11 Current gcc default is c++17 so use that instead.

Mathieu Malaterre <> yes upstream 2021-12-15
continuefinalnonessentialboxtest.patch Remove failing test for now
Mathieu Malaterre <> yes 2022-08-22
roundtriplargefast.patch [PATCH] Import commit bb8eac5 onto 0.7 branch
Fixes #1788.
Evgenii Kliuchnikov <> no 2022-09-27
de08116d14db785431f3efb651dcf2af15bbb682.patch [PATCH] Improve 'custom' codec in benchmark.
Add options to prepare input of custom codec in arbitrary file
format and colorspace.

Add option to suppress custom codec stdin/stdout.

Fix endianness of pfm headers and check correct endianness
of ppf when encoding into ppm/pgm.
Zoltan Szabadka <> no 2022-08-22
1a36db0bf452a2232f0a15d7d8edb542e8196401.patch [PATCH] Fix big-endian test for float16
The following commit allow the `CodecTest.TestRoundTrip`,
`ModularTest.UnsqueezeIntegerOverflow` test and
`DecodeTest/DecodeTestParam.PixelTest/301x33*f16*` test family to pass
on big-endian architectures.

Fixes #1024
Mathieu Malaterre <> no 2023-01-03
manpages.patch Clean up man pages
Mathieu Malaterre <> yes 2022-03-29
0007-tools-CMakeLists.txt-Fix-compatibility-with-static-l.patch tools/CMakeLists.txt: Fix compatibility with static libwebp 1.3.x Boyuan Yang <> no debian 2023-09-22
0008-Fix-conformance-test.patch Fix conformance test Boyuan Yang <> no debian 2023-09-22
0009-fast_dct-inl.h-Include-std-headers-to-solve-missing-.patch fast_dct-inl.h: Include std headers to solve missing std::round on arm64

Using std::round() needs at least <cmath>, and possibly <array>.
This patch is a hotfix to circumvent build errors caused by the
missing of headers on arm64.
Boyuan Yang <> no 2023-10-07

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