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Status for juce/7.0.5+ds-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
webkit4.1.patch Switch from webkit2gtk 4.0 to 4.1 =?UTF-8?q?Jeremy=20B=C3=ADcha?= <> no 2024-04-11
debian_fixed-defines.patch clamp a few defines to fixed values
on Debian we only ever allow using the system provided libraries
(zlib, flac, oggvorbis,...)
=?utf-8?q?IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig?= <> not-needed Debian 2018-02-11
debian_no-update-check.patch prevent Projucer from checking for updates
The check-for-updates only makes sense for user-installed Projucer, not for
the Debian packaged version.
=?utf-8?q?IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig?= <> not-needed 2017-11-09
debian_system_modules.patch default JUCE-module path for Projucer
On Debian we have the module-sources installed in /usr/share/juce/modules
and should use those if possible.
=?utf-8?q?IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig?= <> not-needed 2017-12-19
debian_python3-doxygen.patch Doc build fixes
use Python3 rather than Python2
make docs reproducible
=?utf-8?q?IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig?= <> no 2018-02-10
debian_doxygen-outdir.patch Output doxygen-generated HTML into apiref/ folder so we don't need to rename it later IOhannes m zmölnig not-needed Debian 2022-08-04
debian_unittests_globalpaths.patch Use global paths for JUCE modules in UnitTests =?utf-8?q?IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig?= <> not-needed 2018-04-11
debian_link_systemlibs.patch have Projucer and juceaide link against the system libraries

since the Debian package has removed 3rd-party libraries (jpeg, png, flac,
ogg/vorbis), we must link against the system libraries.
Debian Multimedia Maintainers <> no Debian 2019-08-21
debian_buildcmake.patch link applications against libpng/libjpeg/zlib

since we have stripped some libraries, we need to explicitly link against
the system provided libraries
Debian Multimedia Maintainers <> not-needed Debian 2022-11-10
debian_cmake.patch adjust paths in installed CMake snippets IOhannes m zmölnig not-needed Debian 2021-12-14

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