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Status for kali/3.1+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
forms-arguments.patch fl_show_question only takes two arguments John Lapeyre <> no 2010-05-26
help.patch Fix errors and omissions in help output John Lapeyre <> no 2010-05-26
include-malloc.patch Include <malloc.h> for malloc() et al Doug Porter <> no debian 2010-05-26
namespace-pollution.patch Rename SX and SY to KALISX and KALISY
Xosdefs.h has evil namespace pollution and thinks SX indicates some strange
Unix from the dawn of time.
Colin Watson <> no debian 2010-05-26
lines-segfault.patch Fix segfault on left mouse click when Lines is NULL
This happens, for instance, when trying to move with no drawn lines.
Steve Langasek <> no debian 2010-05-26
exit-codes.patch Return proper exit codes from main() Colin Watson <> no debian 2010-05-26
fix-prototypes.patch Tidy up prototypes to fix build with clang Colin Watson <> no 2013-02-07
ldflags.patch Honour LDFLAGS Colin Watson <> no 2013-06-26
arg-parse-crash.patch Fix crash if -g, -k, or -p is the last command-line argument Colin Watson <> no 2013-06-26
print-symtab-bounds.patch Check that symmetry group passed to kaliprint is in range Colin Watson <> no 2013-07-02
huge.patch Use HUGE_VAL rather than HUGE
Starting with glibc 2.27, support for SVID error handling has been
removed, including the corresponding HUGE constant. This causes this
package to FTBFS. The attached patch fixes that by using HUGE_VAL
instead. Note that HUGE_VAL actually corresponds to infinity, but that
looks the right value to use there.
Aurelien Jarno <> no debian 2018-02-24
add-missing-prototypes.patch Add many missing prototypes and #includes Colin Watson <> no debian 2024-03-13

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