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Change-misleading-kbd_mode-message-for-XLATE-mode.patch Change misleading kbd_mode message for XLATE mode

The text said "default (ASCII) mode", which is wrong in two respects:
XLATE isn't limited to 7-bit ASCII, but works with various 8-bit
charsets, and the XLATE mode hasn't been the kernel default for a while.
Thanks for the hint go to Samuel Thibault <>.

The usage of kbd_mode together with grep in shell scripts might become
an issue with this commit, though cursory research with shows only the BiCon project
<>, which does "kbd_mode | grep -q
-i Unicode" and is thus unaffected.
Michael Schutte <> no debian 2015-12-10
Miscellaneous-manpage-corrections-and-additions.patch Miscellaneous manpage corrections and additions

* Remove .IX lines.
* Fix a groff syntax error in splitfont.1.
* Correct a typo in mk_modmap.8, kindly pointed out by lintian.
* Document that "openvt -e" has to be a session leader, closes:
Michael Schutte <> no 2015-12-10
Various-fixes-to-the-openvt-utility.patch Various fixes to the openvt utility

Three unrelated fixes:

* Propagate child exit codes in "openvt -w".

* consfd stores the file descriptor referring to the console. In some
cases, this will be one of the stdio fds, which are closed in the
child process. Avoid closing it again.

* When showing the help output, only exit with a zero status if the
"-h" option was given.
Michael Schutte <> no debian 2015-12-10
Check-for-X-in-kbd_mode.patch Check for X in kbd_mode

"kbd_mode" can render X unusable. Add checks to unicode_{start,stop} to
avoid the problem.

This patch originated in console-tools.
Denis Barbier <> no debian 2015-12-10
Support-KT_DEAD2-diacritics.patch Support KT_DEAD2 diacritics

Add support for KT_DEAD2 diacritics to loadkeys and dumpkeys using the
dead2_ prefix.

[ update to patch libkeymap and use get_sym{,_size} helpers]
Samuel Thibault <> no debian 2015-12-10

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