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upstream_kdoctools_install-fix-doc-detection-in-path-with-spe.patch [PATCH] kdoctools_install: fix doc detection in path with special chars

${lang_dir} represents the absolute path of a directory within the
sources that contains the files for a language; if this path contains
special characters (e.g. "+"), then using it in a regex such as
will not produce matches.

To avoid special characters getting in the way of the lookup for
manpages or index.docbook files, restrict the results of the glob search
relative to ${lang_dir}, making sure to compose full paths back when
invoking kdoctools_create_manpage() and kdoctools_create_handbook().

To make sure it can be tested and it does not regress, rename the
existing "kdoctools-install" autotest to "kdoctools+install".

(cherry picked from commit b3cc46ca3d643ce88d984daf0148ecc70ae050eb)
Pino Toscano <> no 2023-02-26
add-search-paths-for-kdelibs4-docs.patch add search paths for kdelibs4 docs
This patch was migrated from kio
Maximiliano Curia <> invalid 2017-07-14

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