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allow-freebsd-build.patch Try to fix building on kFreeBSD Upstream's build system fails to detect GNU/kFreeBSD because its
uname output is unique. This patch sets its uname to match the
regular FreeBSD build parameters. It also sets the target build
directory to always be "installdir" (rather than uname-arch). We
only build for one architecture at a time, anyway, and this way,
we don't have to figure out which system we're building on
and mangle the uname string depending on whether we're Linux or kFreeBSD.
Afif Elghraoui <> not-needed 2016-01-02
atac-helper-script-paths.patch Adjust paths for helper scripts to be found ATAC uses some generically named scripts (like "makeplots") that
can't sensibly be placed in /usr/bin. We put them instead in
/usr/lib/atac and adjust the driver script to be able to find them
Afif Elghraoui <> not-needed 2016-11-30
atac-readme.patch Fix typo and adjust script name The debian package uses the executable "atac" rather than "". Afif Elghraoui <> no 2016-11-03
spelling.patch Fix spelling Andreas Tille <>, Antoni Villalonga <> no 2020-04-11
linux-cflags.patch Use the same compile flags in all Linux builds, and include -fPIC atac .so were built without -fPIC on !amd64/ia64. Adrian Bunk <> no debian 2018-08-23
fix_wrong_evaluation_order.patch Fix a piece of code that has unpredictable results Liubov Chuprikova <> no debian 2018-08-27
2to3.patch Use 2to3 to port from Python2 to Python3 Andreas Tille <> no debian 2019-12-19

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