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kodi/0001-Implement-hashes-using-Libgcrypt.patch [PATCH] Implement hashes using Libgcrypt Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2019-02-22
kodi/0002-Find-and-link-with-Libgcrypt.patch [PATCH] Find and link with Libgcrypt Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2019-02-23
kodi/0003-differentiate-from-vanilla-Kodi.patch [PATCH] differentiate-from-vanilla-Kodi Debian Multimedia Maintainers <> not-needed 2020-02-26
kodi/0004-use-system-groovy.patch [PATCH] Use system's groovy instead of the embedded one Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2020-03-03
kodi/0005-fix-tests.patch [PATCH] fix-tests Debian Multimedia Maintainers <> not-needed 2020-03-03
kodi/0006-dont-use-openssl.patch [PATCH] dont-use-openssl Debian Multimedia Maintainers <> not-needed 2020-03-03
kodi/0007-support-omitting-addons-service.patch Support omitting addons repository feed
Upstream official addon repository feed contain non-free addons.

Extending the system at runtime is arguably an anti-feature -
either for political reasons or due to security risks.

This patch makes it possible to omit the addons repository feed.
Jonas Smedegaard <> not-needed 2017-10-03
kodi/0008-Find-test-fixtures-in-source-directory.patch Find test fixtures in source directory Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2020-03-05
kodi/0009-Skip-long-time-broken-test.patch Skip long time broken test Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2020-03-05
kodi/0010-Disable-flaky-TestMassEvent.General-and-TestMassEven.patch Disable flaky TestMassEvent.General and TestMassEvent.Polling tests Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2020-03-07
kodi/0011-Skip-checking-errno-against-ENOENT-because-this-test.patch Skip checking errno against ENOENT because this test fails on armhf Balint Reczey <> not-needed 2020-03-17
kodi/0012-The-baseline-of-the-i386-port-does-not-include-SSE.patch [PATCH] The baseline of the i386 port does not include SSE
SSE2 is always enabled on amd64.
Adrian Bunk <> no 2020-05-30
kodi/0013-Disable-GetCPUFrequency-test.patch Disable TestCPUInfo.GetCPUFrequency test
Fixes test failure on many architectures, like s390x.
See #970236 for example.
Vasyl Gello <> not-needed vendor 2020-11-02
kodi/0014-Fix-C++-example-includes.patch Fix C++ example includes Vasyl Gello <> not-needed 2020-11-16
kodi/0015-debian-cross-compile.patch Patch native dependencies for cross-compiling
* Don't build TexturePacker statically - it breaks fakeroot
Vasyl Gello <> not-needed
kodi/0016-ports-architectures.patch [PATCH] Introduce buildable Debian ports architectures
Tested by building against sid/ppc64 and running via
xvfb + x11vnc.
Vasyl Gello <> no 2022-12-30
libdvdnav/0001-libdvdnav-PR48-enen92.patch [PATCH] dvdnav_open_files implementation
Attempts to open files given that the calling application provides the dvd_reader_filesystem implementation
and the path to the file. Supports logging callbacks similarly to other dvdnav_open methods.
Useful for opening files located on a virtual file system (vfs) such as smb, nfs, etc
Miguel Borges de Freitas <> no 2022-07-26
libdvdread/0001-libdvdread-PR40-enen92.patch [PATCH 1/3] Split filesystem implementation into platform based code Miguel Borges de Freitas <> no 2022-06-17
libdvdread/debian-0001-libdvdcss.patch libdvdcss
Print information about the CSS README.
Daniel Baumann <> not-needed 2014-04-22
libdvdread/debian-0002-descriptor.patch descriptor
libdvdread is very likely to fail on discs/images that store their File
System Descriptor at the end of the disc/image rather than at the
beginning. This is due to the "strategy" libdvdread uses to find it:
libdvdread scans sequentially from the beginning of the disc/image for
the File System Descriptor and identifies it by a single byte tag.

Aside from wasting lots of time on discs/images that store their File
System Descriptor at the end there is quite a good chance to stumble
across a random data block that accidentally starts with this tag (and
failing on it) before finding the real File System Descriptor.

As far as I can see, at least CDBurnerXP seems to (be able to) create
such images - at least if my interpretation of the Implementation
Identifier "NMS DVDProLib" is correct.

This... well, let's call it ugly hack fixes this by obtaining
the File System Descriptor location from the Logical Volume Descriptor
Mario Holbe <> not-needed 2014-04-22
cdatetime-std-chrono/0001-Replace-Kodi-date-time-implementation-with-std-c.patch [PATCH 01/19] add support for date library and tzdata Lukas Rusak <> no 2020-02-17
workarounds/0001-Workaround-989814.patch [PATCH 1/2] Check if applied locale correctly lowers chars and fallback

.. to default region if it does not.

Fixes #19883.
Vasyl Gello <> no 2021-06-25
workarounds/0002-ffmpeg5.patch [PATCH 1/3] FFmpeg5 port Alwin Esch <> no 2022-07-10
workarounds/0003-xbmc-libdvd_vfs-enen92.patch [PATCH 1/9] Unwrap dll enen92 <> no 2022-06-25
workarounds/0004-ffmpeg6.patch [PATCH] [VideoPlayerVideo] Log an error when codec extradata is required CastagnaIT <> no 2023-01-29
workarounds/0005-pcre2.patch Port to PCRE2. Yavor Doganov <> no debian 2024-01-07
workarounds/0006-loongarch.patch [PATCH] Add LoongArch support to system info Dandan Zhang <> no 2023-10-24
workarounds/0007-swig.patch diff --git a/xbmc/interfaces/swig/AddonModuleXbmcaddon.i b/xbmc/interfaces/swig/AddonModuleXbmcaddon.i
index 6c00a1caa2..d38794c043 100644

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