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Status for koules/1.4-28

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
111_font_unsigned_char.diff Declare font data as unsigned. Stephen Kitt <> no debian
300_kfreebsd-gnu.diff Allow building on kFreeBSD no other
109_fpe_fix.diff Check for correct values on entry to ShmPutBitmap() no other
000_build_rules.diff Use $(CC) no other
050_defines.diff Centralise conditional usage messages, and declare various configuration values no other
100_spelling.diff Fix various spelling mistakes no other
101_buffer_overflow.diff Defend against buffer overflows when processing arguments no other
102_includes.diff Add necessary includes
no other
103_asm.diff Update the assembler declarations no other
104_types.diff Correct signs on some types no other
105_save_file.diff Correctly check for errors when loading save files no other
106_shm_check.diff Check for XShm support before using it
no other
107_fix_xsynchronize.diff Fix X synchronization
no other
108_use_right_visual.diff Select the correct X visual
no other
110_manpage_hyphens.diff Escape minus signs in the manpage Stephen Kitt <> no
112_unsigned_control.diff Specify that control is unsigned everywhere Stephen Kitt <> no
113_spelling_fixes.diff Bug#772493: [PATCH] koules: correct a few spelling mistakes

Just to correct a few spelling mistakes I found at random in the Debian

Raphael Geissert <> no
114_destdir.diff Use $(DESTDIR) for all installed artifacts Stephen Kitt <> no
double-declaration.patch Only declare controls once Stephen Kitt <> no

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