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debian-local/0001-Debian-HURD-compatibility.patch Debian: HURD compatibility

Thanks Pino Toscano for making the patch more robust.
Sam Hartman <> no 2011-12-26
debian-local/0002-debian-Handle-multi-arch-paths-in-krb5-config.patch debian: Handle multi-arch paths in krb5-config
We cannot use @libdir@ because that will include the
multi-arch prefix in the built krb5-config, but we want krb5-config to
be identical on all arches so that krb5-multidev can be multi-arch:
same. So, instead, figure out our multi-arch tripple by calling CC

Based on an approach suggested by Hugh McMaster.

Also include --deps in the usage output, since it is a valid argument.
Sam Hartman <> no 2011-12-26
debian-local/0003-debian-osconf.hin-path-changes.patch debian: osconf.hin path changes Sam Hartman <> no 2011-12-26
debian-local/0004-debian-install-ldap-library-in-subdirectory.patch debian: install ldap library in subdirectory
Debian received a request to install the internal ldap library not in
the main lib directory.

We are changing SHLIB_DIRS from the default that upstream sets in the
makefile includes; assign unconditionally the full value.
Sam Hartman <> no 2011-12-26
debian-local/0005-gssapi-never-unload-mechanisms.patch gssapi: never unload mechanisms
It turns out that many GSSAPI mechanisms link to the main gss-api
library creating a circular reference. Depending on how the linker
breaks the cycle at process exit time, the linker may unload the GSS
library after unloading the mechanisms. The explicit dlclose from the
GSS library tends to cause a libdl assertion failure at that
point. So, never unload plugins. They are refcounted, so dlopen
handles will not leak, although obviously the memory from the plugin
is never reclaimed.
Benjamin Kaduk <> no 2013-03-29
debian-local/0006-Add-substpdf-target.patch Add substpdf target
Akin to substhtml, so that we can build PDF documents without
overwriting the upstream-provided versions and causing debian/rules clean
to not return to the original state.
Ben Kaduk <> no 2013-03-29
debian-local/0007-Fix-pkg-config-library-include-paths.patch Fix pkg-config library/include paths
Include library and include flags in pkg-config files, so they work when the
symlinks provided by libkrb5-dev are not installed.
Jelmer Vernooij <> no 2014-08-27
debian-local/0008-Use-isystem-for-include-paths.patch Use -isystem for include paths
This is necessary so Kerberos headers files are classified as "system headers"
by the compiler, and thus not subject to the same strict warnings as
other headers (which breaks compilation if -Werror is specified).
This fixes the build of folks using -Werror and including Kerberos headers
when the latter are installed in a non-standard location (e.g.
/usr/include/tuple/mit-krb5, as Debian is doing).
(cherry picked from commit d8520c1d1c218e3c766009abc728b207c0421232)
Jelmer Vernooij <> no debian 2014-09-03
0009-Add-.gitignore.patch Add .gitignore Sam Hartman <> no 2019-07-08
upstream/0010-Ensure-array-count-consistency-in-kadm5-RPC.patch Ensure array count consistency in kadm5 RPC
In _xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_rec(), ensure that n_key_data matches the
key_data array count when decoding. Otherwise when the structure is
later freed, xdr_array() could iterate over the wrong number of
elements, either leaking some memory or freeing uninitialized
pointers. Reported by Robert Morris.


An authenticated attacker can cause a kadmind process to crash by
freeing uninitialized pointers. Remote code execution is unlikely.
An attacker with control of a kadmin server can cause a kadmin client
to crash by freeing uninitialized pointers.

target_version: 1.21-next
target_version: 1.20-next

(cherry picked from commit ef08b09c9459551aabbe7924fb176f1583053cdd)
Greg Hudson <> no 2023-06-21
upstream/0011-Work-around-Doxygen-1.9.7-change.patch Work around Doxygen 1.9.7 change
Doxygen 1.9.7 avoids duplicating member definitions in the XML
documents for groups and header files (doxygen/doxygen#9797). This
change breaks the current Doxygen-REST bridge, which expects to find
memberdef elements in krb5_8hin.xml. To work around this problem,
remove the @group and @ref declarations in krb5.hin; they were not
translated into REST as it was.

Also remove a deprecated setting in Doxyfile.

target_version: 1.21-next
target_version: 1.20-next

(cherry picked from commit 18ec1ae0dc59d9423600b3db3548d2b624d4e3db)
Greg Hudson <> no 2023-09-13

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