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0001-build-Use-yes-instead-of-true-for-AC_CHECK_FUNCS-cac.patch [PATCH] =?UTF-8?q?build:=20Use=20=C2=AByes=C2=BB=20instead=20of?= =?UTF-8?q?=20=C2=ABtrue=C2=BB=20for=20AC=5FCHECK=5FFUNCS=20cache=20value?=

This autoconf macro sets the ac_cv_func_ cached variable to yes not
true so we were checking for an impossible condition.
Guillem Jover <> no upstream, commit:5cfa39e5cde6b64ccf3d1335cee4d4744d4ce242 2022-11-23
0001-funopen-Replace-off64_t-with-off_t-in-funopen_seek.patch [PATCH] funopen: Replace off64_t with off_t in funopen_seek()
AC_SYS_LARGEFILE in is setting needed defines to make
64bit off_t on relevant platforms.

Fixes build on musl:

| src/funopen.c:68:28: error: unknown type name 'off64_t'; did you mean 'off_t'?
| funopen_seek(void *cookie, off64_t *offset, int whence)
| ^~~~~~~
| off_t
Khem Raj <> no upstream, commit:ec88b7bbbc9ef262b22302419ae14fce5fc7b1d8 2022-12-15
0001-include-Adjust-closefrom-per-glibc-adoption.patch [PATCH] include: Adjust closefrom() per glibc adoption
Added in glibc 2.34;a=commit;h=607449506f197cc9514408908f41f22537a47a8c
Callum Farmer <> no upstream, commit:7b4ebd6521a693f236cad4170fce1bb5237ecae5 2023-02-16
0001-man-Update-STANDARDS-and-HISTORY-sections.patch [PATCH] man: Update STANDARDS and HISTORY sections
Include BSD versions when functions were introduced. Add mention
whether these are BSD extensions.
Guillem Jover <> no upstream, commit:59a21c7fb846c483460979be74c546edab0d185e 2023-02-20

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