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Status for libcap-ng/0.8.3-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_man-pages_fixes.patch Man page (#36)
* Man-pages: Fix minor typo's and remove end-of-line whitespace.

* Man-pages: Minor fix in the 'SEE ALSO' section.

List all related man-pages on separate lines, with the correct macro.

* Man-pages: Update whatis entries.

- Add missing whatis entry in `capng_apply_caps_fd.3`
- Reword whatis entry in `capng_get_caps_fd.3`, for consistency.
Håvard F. Aasen <> yes 2022-05-26
03-python3-compatible-tests.patch Python 3 compatible tests
Only part of this patch has been sent upstream.
Håvard F. Aasen <> yes 2022-06-11
04-log-error.patch Block bad return codes, log error instead. Steve Grubb <> not-needed upstream 2022-03-29
05-correct-section-and-whatis-entry.patch Correct section and whatis entry. Håvard F. Aasen <> yes 2022-06-11

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