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Status for libexplain/1.4.D001-14

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
02_alpha-fcntl-h.patch do not special case alpha any longer Andreas Beckmann <> no debian
03_fsflags-4.5.patch Update inode flags for Linux 4.5 Linux 4.5 updated the list of inode flags including removing some existing
flags. This patch fixes the resulting FTBFS by updating the flags list.
James Cowgill <> no debian
04_test-t0274a.patch Fix test on recent kernels As a result of fixing CVE-2015-8543, the behavior of creating a socket with an
invalid protocol changed on recent kernels. Protocol numbers above 255 now
return EINVAL. Fix the test by using a known illegal protocol and type
combination which will fail with EPROTONOSUPPORT.
James Cowgill <> no
05_largefile.patch Fix handling of O_LARGEFILE on various 64-bit arches James Cowgill <> no debian
06_sysctl.patch Only compile sysctl code if sysctl exists The sysctl syscall is not present on arm64, so disable parts of the code which
require it if it's not present.
James Cowgill <> no debian
07_ustat.patch Do not require fully defined struct ustat Fixes ustat related FTBFS on adm64. Since explain_errno_ustat does not write to
the data argument, it's pointless to try and allocate any memory for it anyway.
James Cowgill <> no debian
08_hppa.patch Fix FTBFS on hppa - add handling of flags with multiple bits set On hppa the 'eventfd EINVAL' test was failing because the EFD_NONBLOCK was
being incorrectly parsed. On hppa this flag sets two separate bits but the
explain_parse_bits_print function does not handle this case. Fix by rewriting
the algorithm to work on both cases. The access_modes table needed reordering
to keep the old behavior there (this patch might change the ordering of some
flags). Also handle a similar situation in explain_buffer_open_flags.
James Cowgill <> no debian
fix-tests-sed.patch no
nettstamp-needs-types.patch no
sanitize-bison.patch sanitize bison usage use
%define api.prefix {...}
instead of crude
sed -e 's/[yY][yY]/.../g'

Thanks to Akim Demaille for the hint! (#960608)
Andreas Beckmann <> no
gcc-10.patch fix FTBFS with GCC 10 GCC 10 defaults to -fno-common Andreas Beckmann <> no
typos.patch fix typos found by Lintian Andreas Beckmann <> no
linux5.11.patch Linux 5.11 no longer has if_frad.h Graham Inggs <> no debian 2021-06-20
termiox-no-more-exists-since-kernel-5.12.patch termiox no more exists since kernel 5.12
Håvard Flaget Aasen <> no 2021-11-16
use-command-v.patch use command -v Håvard Flaget Aasen <> no 2021-11-16
missing-prototypes.patch fix building with -Werror=implicit-function-declaration Andreas Beckmann <> no
unshare-1.patch Disable test/04/ so that the package may be built with sbuild + unshare Santiago Vila <> no debian 2024-05-29
unshare-2.patch Disable test/05/ so that the package may be built with sbuild + unshare Santiago Vila <> no debian 2024-05-29

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