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Status for libguestfs/1:1.52.0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
perl-Fix-out-of-tree-build-by-generating-symlinks.patch perl: Fix out-of-tree build by generating symlinks Hilko Bengen <> no 2013-05-23
Do-not-use-DTB-for-armel.patch Do not use DTB for armel Hilko Bengen <> no 2014-07-06
Generate-tarballs-for-supermin-appliance-using-reproducib.patch Generate tarballs for supermin appliance using reproducible timestamp Hilko Bengen <> no 2015-02-14
Run-gzip-inside-of-tar-zcf-with-n.patch Run gzip (inside of tar zcf) with -n Hilko Bengen <> no 2016-02-09
Make-php-buildable-with-builddir-srcdir.patch Make php buildable with builddir != srcdir Hilko Bengen <> no 2016-05-14
Fix-sbin-reboot-requirements.patch Fix /sbin/reboot requirements Hilko Bengen <> no 2017-07-20
Add-fdisk-to-appliance-list.patch Add fdisk to appliance list Hilko Bengen <> no 2017-08-14
Add-libtinfo-to-guestfsd-fixes-FTBFS-on-architectures-tha.patch Add libtinfo to guestfsd (fixes FTBFS on architectures that lack a native OCaml compiler) Hilko Bengen <> no 2018-04-09
Fix-up-perl-path-in-installed-scripts.patch Fix up perl path in installed scripts Hilko Bengen <> no 2018-07-28
Change-cryptsetop-cryptsetup-bin-in-appliance.patch Change cryptsetop->cryptsetup-bin in appliance Hilko Bengen <> no 2019-04-16 Properly handle autogenerated * files in builddir Hilko Bengen <> no 2019-12-23
python-Recognize-python-X.Y-embed-flavor-introduced-with-.patch python: Recognize python-X.Y-embed flavor introduced with Python 3.8 in Debian

The non-"embed" .pc file does not include linker instructions. See
Debian bug #948017
Hilko Bengen <> no 2020-01-11 Link .mli files corresponding to autorgenerated .ml files into builddir

This avoids build failures in separate builds such as this one:

| ocamlfind ocamlc -package str,unix -I . -a guestfs_config.cmo stringMap.cmo stringSet.cmo std_utils.cmo -o mlstdutils.cma
| ar cr libmlstdutils.a libmlstdutils_a-dummy.o
| ranlib libmlstdutils.a
| File "_none_", line 1:
| Error: Files std_utils.cmo and guestfs_config.cmo
| make inconsistent assumptions over interface Guestfs_config
| make[4]: *** [Makefile:2580: mlstdutils.cma] Error 2
Hilko Bengen <> no 2020-01-13 Make sure that generated is used in out-of-tree builds Hilko Bengen <> no 2020-03-10
Fix-out-of-tree-build-for-po.patch Fix out-of-tree build for po/* Hilko Bengen <> no 2021-01-10
Update-packagelist-as-haxdump-has-been-moved-to-bsdextrau.patch Update packagelist as haxdump has been moved to bsdextrautils in Debian Hilko Bengen <> no 2021-02-01 Fix golang bindtest and for out-of-tree builds Hilko Bengen <> no 2021-12-27
Set-CPU-type-for-mipsel-mips64el.patch Set CPU type for mipsel, mips64el Hilko Bengen <> no 2021-12-30
Fix-include-path-for-generating-localized-manpages.patch Fix include path for generating localized manpages Hilko Bengen <> no 2022-11-26
Only-set-rtc-driftfix-slew-on-x86-architectures.patch Only set -rtc driftfix=slew on x86 architectures Hilko Bengen <> no 2023-07-25
Add-dhcpcd-to-Debian-package-list.patch Add dhcpcd to Debian package list Hilko Bengen <> no 2024-01-07

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