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Status for libhdate/1.6.02-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
docdir.patch Update libhdatedocdir to the one used by the debian Debian Hebrew Packaging Team <> no
ld-as-needed.patch Fix build from source when linking with "ld --as-needed" Matthias Klose <> no
time_t.patch fix sizes issues manifested in x32
libhdate calls localtime(long), when its interface requires time_t.

If sizeof(long) == sizeof(time_t), all is ok.
If sizeof(long) > sizeof(time_t), it will work on little-endian, use some
uninitialized memory on big-endian.
If sizeof(long) < sizeof(time_t), it will trample nearby memory.
Adam Borowski <> no debian
typos.patch typos reported by Lintian Tzafrir Cohen <> no
cflags.patch Pass variables set by Debian build system
The Debian build system sets several variables (LDFLAGS, CFLAGS,

* CFLAGS was overriden by the configure script.
* The perl and python bindings were not using the values of those
Tzafrir Cohen <> no
duplicate_gnu_source.patch _GNU_SOURCE is already set in autoconf. Tzafrir Cohen <> no
size_t.patch size_t vars need %d in printf. %*s needs int Tzafrir Cohen <> no
clang.patch Fix FTBFS with clang instead of GCC Alexander Ovchinnikov <> no debian

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