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Status for libusb/2:0.1.12-35

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
00_packed.diff no
01_ansi.diff no
02_usbpp.diff no
03_const_buffers.diff no
04_infinite_loop.diff no
05_emdebian_libs.diff 05_emdebian_libs.diff by Neil Williams <>

Add to each build so that cross builds find the correct symbols.
06_bsd.diff =================================================================== no
07_altsetting_alloc.diff no
08_bus_location.diff no
09_dummy.diff =================================================================== no
10_hurd.diff no
11_transfer_timeout.diff no
12_ENAMETOOLONG.diff The maximum allowed path is defined by PATH_MAX and *includes* the
final zero byte. The size value passed to snprintf also includes the
final zero byte. Therefore the arrays should be of size PATH_MAX and
not PATH_MAX + 1.

To make GCC 7 & 8 happy, check the return value of the snprintf function
and bail out with an error message. In practice this just improve a
tiny bit the user experience, as the truncated path would just not be
found by open or opendir.
91_ac_prog_cxx.diff no

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