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fix-upstream/spellcheck-fixup-wrong-written-words-occurred.patch spellcheck: fixup wrong written words 'occurred'
This commit fixes the misspelled word 'occurred' in various files.
Carsten Schoenert <> no 2017-01-06
porting-kfreebsd-hurd/adding-alternative-getThreadId-implementation.patch adding alternative getThreadId() implementation
On platforms which doesn't have syscall function and no syscall_getpid
symbol a own created type needs to be added for using.

For Hurd we can include mach.h and use the implementation of
mach_thread_self() from there.

Patch is basically taken from

with additional code from Aaron M. Ucko <> for fixing
build issues on Hurd. See #875729
Carsten Schoenert <> no 2017-08-08
fixes/Avoid-extern-C-blocks-around-ICU-includes.patch Avoid extern "C" blocks around ICU includes
Looks like it's not necessary, and, moreover, I'm getting this with recent ICU (64.2):
/usr/include/unicode/localpointer.h:67:1: error: template with C linkage
67 | template<typename T>
| ^~~~~~~~
/var/tmp/portage/dev-libs/vmime-9999/work/vmime-9999/src/vmime/charsetConverter_icu.cpp:37:1: note: ‘extern "C"’ linkage started here
37 | extern "C" {
| ^~~~~~~~~~

(there's also an issue about that, #218)
0xd34df00d <> no 2019-09-22
fixes/Don-t-use-deprecated-gsasl-symbols.patch [PATCH] Don't use deprecated gsasl symbols.
This is upstream commit:
Simon Josefsson <> no 2021-01-08
fixes/Compatibility-Use-C99-C-analogues-for-TRUE-FALSE.patch Compatibility: Use C99 / C++ analogues for TRUE/FALSE
Since ICU 68.1 TRUE and FALSE are no longer defined. Use their C99 / C++
analogues, ie use them in lowercase.

This is patch is required to be compatible with ICU >= 70.1.
=?utf-8?b?IkzDoXN6bMOzIELDtnN6w7ZybcOpbnlpIChHQ1MpIg==?= no 2022-01-19

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