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Status for licenseutils/0.0.9-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
skip-tests-involving-network skip tests that try to access the outside network Accessing network during a build is considered a privacy leak and thus not
welcome in Debian
Mattia Rizzolo <> not-needed debian 2017-10-04
fix-build-with-glibc-2.28.patch Fix FTBFS with glibc 2.28 Mattia Rizzolo <> yes debian upstream 2018-12-02
fix-download-followlocation.patch Allow libcurl to follow HTTP redirects when downloading license files handsome_feng <> yes debian upstream 2020-12-16
fix-cross-build.patch Use the standard macro PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG tp find the correct pkg-config That macro is already implicitly used via PKG_CHECK_MODULES, and is needed to
find the right pkg-confix in case of cross compilation
Helmut Grohne <> yes debian upstream 2021-01-16
drop-which.patch drop all usages of `which`, in particular all of these case are an useless use of it anyway This fixes an FTBFS as now `which` as shipped by debianutils emits a deprecation warning
that makes the tests fail to match their checks.
Mattia Rizzolo <> no 2021-11-17
avoid-echo-prefer-printf.patch Use printf instead of the non-standard echo -e This came up after the last patch made it use the shell-provided `echo`
which here doesn't take the -e option.
Mattia Rizzolo <> no 2021-11-17

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