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Status for linbox/1.7.0-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
example.patch Fix example source related issues. no
soname.patch Debian specific soname. no
fix-doc-path.patch Fix links in documentation and provide a pointer to README about how to generate
developer's documentation.
fix-RR-RecCounter.patch Set RecCounter=0 if rbound_==0 to avoid cast of -inf.

Test test-det on i386 or amd64 successfully pass after a few iterations, on
mips this test has an enormous number of iterations and build of the linbox
package on buildd breaks after 300 minutes of inactivity.

The reason for this behavior is that in:


the way to calculate RecCounter is:

RecCounter = (size_t)((double)log((double)rbound_)/log(2.));//2^RecCounter < rbound_ <=2^(RecCounter+1)

When rbound_ is equal to zero the result of log function is -inf (double[8

When we cast -inf to size_t (unsigned int[4 bytes]) on i386 and amd64, the
result is zero.

In the same situation on mips architecture, cast is done through TRUNC.W.D

For this instruction, if the source value is Infinity, NaN, or rounds to an
integer outside the range -2^31 to 2^31-1, the result cannot be represented
correctly and an IEEE Invalid Operation condition exists. The result depends on
the FP exception model currently active and the default result is 2^31-1
Dejan Latinovic <> no
uint128.patch Only register uint128_t as a TypeName when it's available. Otherwise, test-fft will fail when it isn't. Doug Torrance <> yes 2021-12-14
skip-test-fft-modular-extended.patch Skip Test FFT with ModularExtended; failing on i386. Doug Torrance <> yes upstream 2021-12-14

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