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Status for linphone/5.2.0-4.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-jsoncpp-include-path.patch no
fix-jsoncpp-linker-flag.patch no
ldap-hostname-override.patch Patch out reference to LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_PEER_CN Unfortunately, linphone changed how it uses the libldap API in a way
that breaks the old ldap_int_hostname hack. Finding another
workaround proved impossible, so we can only patch out the reference
to the preprocessor macro and disable SAL usage with TLS in
linphone-desktop's UI.
Dennis Filder <> no 2022-12-17
fix-cmake-install-path.patch no
force-system-xsd.patch no
fix-pkgconfig.patch Based on OpenSUSE patch no
enable-readline.patch Based on linphone-build-readline.patch from OpenSUSE no
define-project-version.patch no
restore-termios.patch Restore termios via atexit() and reraise caught signals Closing e.g. the webcam window prevents the normal readline exit
routines from running which borks the terminal.
Also reraise caught signals which results in the proper exit status.
Running with LINPHONEC_NO_TERMIOS_RESTORE=y shows the old behaviour.
Dennis Filder <> invalid 2022-10-07
fix-nowebcam-image-path.patch no
delete-build-path-capture.patch no
fix-python3-removals.patch Fix constructs removed in Python 3.11 The deprecated 'U' flag was removed in 3.11. Upstream fixed this in
5.2.x, but didn't add the newline named parameter for some reason.
Dennis Filder <> no 2023-07-08
disable_appimage_download.patch Disable behind-the-scenes AppImage download The error message is unfortunately only printed to the log, not stderr. Dennis Filder <> not-needed debian 2023-03-02
fix_linphonec_manpage.patch Document peculiarities in linphonec better Dennis Filder <> not-needed debian 2023-03-02
fix-ldap-abandon.patch Unbind after abandoning any on-going requests Segfaults in ldap_abandon_ext() -> pthread_mutex_lock() otherwise. Dennis Filder <> no 2022-12-14
fix-L_STRING_TO_C-inlining-errors.patch Work around optimizer-related FTBFS Until we ship a version with upstream commit b52e8f62 (2023-04-07) we
have to work around problems from the more aggressive optimizer in
newer GCC12 versions ourselves by providing a non-inlined version for
Dennis Filder <> not-needed 2023-07-08
bc-b52e8f62-build-with-gcc13.patch [PATCH] Fix build for GCC13 Andrea Gianarda <> no 2023-04-27
use-cxx17-standard.patch Use C++17 Standard
New zxing-cpp header uses C++17 features. This requires building
the project with C++17 instead of C++14.
Boyuan Yang <> no debian 2023-12-17

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