Debian Patches

Status for llvm-toolchain-14/1:14.0.6-20

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
clang-format-version.diff no
clang-analyzer-force-version.diff # Force the version of clang in the analyzer
# This was causing the static analyzer to fail silently if the clang & clang++ are
# not installed
23-strlcpy_strlcat_warning_removed.diff no
declare_clear_cache.diff no
unwind-chain-inclusion.diff # Without this patch, the first local include of unwind.h might, with the
# __has_include_next, try to include the one from the system.
# It might be /usr/include/clang/3.4/include/unwind.h
# Because of the #ifndef __CLANG_UNWIND_H, it might never include any declaration
# from the system.
atomic_library_1.diff no
python-clangpath.diff no
fix-clang-path-and-build.diff =================================================================== no
0048-Set-html_static_path-_static-everywhere.patch Set html_static_path = ['_static'] everywhere. Nicholas D Steeves <> no 2018-02-10
symbolizer-path.diff =================================================================== no
clang-tidy-run-bin.diff =================================================================== no
0001-tools-clang-cmake-resolve-symlinks-in-ClangConfig.cmake.patch [PATCH] [clang] cmake: resolve symlinks in ClangConfig.cmake
Ensure that symlinks such as /usr/lib/cmake/clang-X.Y (pointing to
/usr/lib/llvm-X.Y/lib/cmake/llvm) are resolved. This ensures that
CLANG_INSTALL_PREFIX ends up to be /usr/lib/llvm-X.Y instead of /usr.

Partially addresses PR37128
Peter Wu <> no 2018-05-04
debug-jit-path.diff =================================================================== no
do-not-fail-on-unexpected-pass.diff =================================================================== no
disable-display-PASS-UNSUPPORTED-XFAIL.diff =================================================================== no
0044-soname.diff no
lldb/lldb-soname.diff no
openmp-soname.diff =================================================================== no
silent-gold-test.diff fails on debian unstable amd64 Command Output (stderr):
/build/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-4.0~svn279916/llvm/test/tools/gold/X86/start-lib-common.ll:22:10: error: expected string not found in input
; CHECK: @x = common global i32 0, align 8
<stdin>:1:1: note: scanning from here
; ModuleID = '/build/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-4.0~svn279916/build-llvm/llvm/test/tools/gold/X86/Output/start-lib-common.ll.tmp3.o'
<stdin>:4:1: note: possible intended match here
@x = common global i32 0, align 4

silent-more-tests.diff # Comment the tests for the code coverage (fails otherwise) no
silent-MCJIIT-tests.diff no
silent-gold-utils.diff no
silent-test-failing-codeverage.diff =================================================================== no
silent-amd-tet.diff =================================================================== no
silent-test-macho.diff =================================================================== no
silent-llvm-isel-fuzzer.diff =================================================================== no
remove-test-freezing.diff =================================================================== no
disable-llvm-symbolizer-test.diff Silent a test failing on yakkety amd64 /tmp/buildd/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-4.0~svn279801/llvm/test/tools/llvm-symbolizer/print_context.c:16:11: error: expected string not found in input
// CHECK: inc
<stdin>:1:1: note: scanning from here
<stdin>:1:3: note: possible intended match here

Sylvestre <> no 2016-08-26
disable-path-test-failing.diff =================================================================== no
test-keep-alive.diff =================================================================== no
scan-build-clang-path.diff no
scan-view-fix-path.diff =================================================================== no
fix-scan-view-path.diff =================================================================== no
lldb/lldb-link-atomic-cmake.patch Link with -latomic when mips* processor is detected Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2016-07-27
lldb/lldb-addversion-suffix-to-llvm-server-exec.patch lldb-server exec users always /usr/bin/lldb-server. Server is required
for any debugging with lldb which makes it unusable unless default version
package has been installed. Small changes to code and debian/rules allows
a workaround for lldb-server start up.

To use this one needs to add cmake definition during configure. eg

Better implementation would be to use /usr/share/llvm-$(VERSION)/bin but
that change seems to require a big change to the path handling code
which could then break something else.

This probably should have upstream bug but I couldn't find any existing report.

lldb/lldb-missing-install.diff =================================================================== no
lldb/lldb-disable-swig-error.diff =================================================================== no
disable-error-xray.diff =================================================================== no
openmp/openmp-check-execstack.diff =================================================================== no
openmp/openmp-mips-affinity.patch =================================================================== no
libcxx/libcxxabi-test-don-t-fail-extended-long-double.patch Powerpc has extended double that doesn't match x86 coding. Power format would
need special tests to verify correctness but for now it is enough to prevent
incorrect test from running.

libcxx/libcxx-test-fix-lockfree-test-for-i386.patch Lock is_always_lock free test fails on i386 because std::atomic is aligned
to 8 bytes while long long is aligned to 4 bytes. clang can't generate inline
code for unaligned 8 byte atomics even tough instruction set and gcc support

That makes it expected thaqt ATOMIC_LLONG_LOCK_FREE and
std::atomic<long long>::is_always_lock_free don't match on i386. Correct test
for std::atomic<long long> is to check if target cpu support cmpxchg8 instruction.
To set instruction support one can check __GCC_HAVE_SYNC_COMPARE_AND_SWAP_8 define.

yes upstream
libcxx/libcxxabi-arm-ehabi-fix.patch Fix arm EHABI code to work. armhf had exception test failing without EHABI support.

No known upstream bug about this. Actual code change is more like workaround than
something that upstream would accept. Proper fix would be adding _Unwind_Control_Block
to clang unwind.h. _Unwind_Control_Block should also extend _Unwind_Exception to make
sure their ABI stays in sync.

No known upstream bug about this.

libcxx/libcxx-silent-test-libcxx.diff =================================================================== no
libcxx/libcxx-silent-failure-ppc64el.diff =================================================================== no
libcxx/libcxx-silent-failure-arm64.diff =================================================================== no
libcxx/libcxx-libatomic-only-with-gcc-rtlib.diff if libatomic is found only link it if libgcc is the rtlib
libcxx/libcxxabi-fix-link-builtins.diff if LIBCXXABI_USE_COMPILER_RT=ON, add builtins to libcxxabi library
flags, otherwise add libgcc following how libunwind does the same
libcxx/libcxx-armhf-ftbfs.diff =================================================================== no
mips/mips-fpxx-enable.diff =================================================================== no
mips/mips-force-nomadd4.patch The MIPS port aims to support the Loongson 3 family of CPUs in addition
of the other MIPS CPUs. On the Loongson 3 family the MADD4 instructions
are fused, while they are not fused on the other MIPS CPUs. In order to
support both, we have to disabled those instructions.

For that, the patch below basically corresponds to the --with-madd4=no
used on the GCC side.

mips/mips-D101773-reloc.patch [PATCH] [MC][ELF] Work around R_MIPS_LO16 relocation handling problem
This fixes PR49821, and avoids "ld.lld: error: test.o:(.rodata.str1.1):
offset is outside the section" errors when linking MIPS objects with
negative R_MIPS_LO16 implicit addends.

ld.lld handles R_MIPS_HI16/R_MIPS_LO16 separately, not as a whole, so it
doesn't know that an R_MIPS_HI16 with implicit addend 1 and an
R_MIPS_LO16 with implicit addend -32768 represents 32768, which is in
range of a MergeInputSection. We could introduce a new RelExpr member
but the complexity is unnecessary given that GNU as keeps the original
symbol for this case as well.

Reviewed By: atanasyan, MaskRay

Differential Revision:
Dimitry Andric <> no 2021-05-03
26-set-correct-float-abi.diff set correct float abi settings for armel and armhf debian armel supports systems that don't have a fpu so should use a "float abi"
setting of soft by default.

Debian armhf needs a float abi setting of "hard"
Peter Michael Green <> no
clang-baseline-fix-i386.patch =================================================================== no
disable-sse2-old-x86.diff =================================================================== no
clang-arm-default-vfp3-on-armv7a.patch =================================================================== no
clangd-atomic-cmake.patch =================================================================== no
remove-apple-clang-manpage.diff =================================================================== no
0049-Use-Debian-provided-MathJax-everywhere.patch Use Debian-provided MathJax everywhere. Nicholas D Steeves <> no 2018-02-10
hurd/hurd-pathmax.diff =================================================================== no
930008-arm.diff =================================================================== no
bootstrap-fix-include-next.diff When doing a bootstrap, we use a newly built clang.
When this one is used, if already installed on the system,
we have clang header in two places:

Because clang expects only one of his headers to be available, it uses
include_next to get the glibc (libc6-dev package) header.

However, in the previous example, because we have inttypes.h twice in the
include search path, clang's header will call itself without any effect.
Therefore, it will do include_next until the define from the libc is existing (ex: _INTTYPES_H)

risc/clang-riscv64-multiarch.diff =================================================================== no
D98574.patch =================================================================== no
D98575.patch =================================================================== no
x86-fuzzer.patch fuzzer: EMULATION_ARGUMENT is also required when building on i386 for x86_64
Adrian Bunk <> no
python3-shebang.patch change all shebangs to Python3 find . -name "*.py" -exec sed "s|\!/usr/bin/env python$|\!/usr/bin/env python3|g" -i {} \;
lldb/print-lldb-path.patch =================================================================== Gianfranco Costamagna <> no 2020-01-21
lower-python-dep.diff =================================================================== no
scan-build-py-fix-default-bin.diff =================================================================== no
omp-riscv64.patch Define the affinity for riscv64 no 2021-08-27
lldb/test-disable-lldb-i386.diff =================================================================== no
unbreak-atomic-mips.diff =================================================================== no
llvm-fix-lld-linker-check.diff remove regex anchor in lld linker detection to account for vendor, if
specified, being prepended to lld version string
openmp-fix-runtimes-build.diff include required runtimes as dependencies to openmp targets to make sure
they are built first when included as part of a runtimes build since openmp
can depend on them
libclc-fix-prepare_builtins-rpath.diff set rpath for prepare_builtins build utility to find correct stage2
libs at runtime when executed as part of a build
llvm-runtimes-builtins-build-check.diff add a check and only set up and build compiler-rt builtins if they have
not been disabled
no =================================================================== no
compiler-rt/compilerrt-fix-warn-xray-testing.diff suppress warnings for xray and testing when not enabled
compiler-rt/compilerrt-builtins-arch-fix-armhf.diff fix builtins armhf default arch detection by adding the same armhf triple
handling use for compiler-rt
compiler-rt/compilerrt-build-scudo-standalone-option.diff add option to disable compiler-rt scudo standalone allocator as it is
not always supported by all arch profiles such as arm5vt of ARM32 arch
wasm/wasm-ld-path.diff =================================================================== no
wasm/wasm-compiler-rt-default.diff no
wasm/wasm-sysroot-usr.diff =================================================================== no
revert-update-doc.diff commit e80c52986e1bb3afa6a92c58b1cb897877923a66

[docs] Remove hard-coded version numbers from sphinx configs

This updates all the non-runtime project release notes to use the
version number from CMake instead of the hard-coded version numbers

It also hides warnings about pre-releases when the git suffix
is dropped from the LLVM version in CMake.

Reviewed By: MaskRay

Differential Revision:

diff --git b/clang-tools-extra/docs/ a/clang-tools-extra/docs/
index bf8dd05cb6f8..24dbcb144677 100644
Tom Stellard <> no 2022-02-01
fix-typo.diff =================================================================== no
ubuntu-kinetic.patch Update the list of Ubuntu release names
Steve Langasek <> no 2022-05-03
fix-typo-1018770.diff =================================================================== no
lldb/lldb-swig.diff diff --git a/lldb/bindings/CMakeLists.txt b/lldb/bindings/CMakeLists.txt
index c8aa0bcf96817..9eed2f1e62999 100644
lldb/lldb-swig-2.diff diff --git a/lldb/bindings/python/python-typemaps.swig b/lldb/bindings/python/python-typemaps.swig
index 203be803d2ebd..11f68d59ae7be 100644
protobuf_3.21.patch diff -Nur a/clang-tools-extra/clangd/index/remote/monitor/Monitor.cpp b/clang-tools-extra/clangd/index/remote/monitor/Monitor.cpp no
basic_string.patch [PATCH] [clang] Enforce instantiation of constexpr template functions during non-constexpr evaluation

Otherwise these functions are not instantiated and we end up with an undefined

Fix #55560

Differential Revision:
serge-sans-paille <> no 2022-06-18
link-grpc.diff =================================================================== no
libcxx-D124227-wasm.patch [PATCH] [libcxx] Remove static inline and make use of _LIBCPP_HIDE_FROM_ABI in __support headers

After feedback from D122861, do the same thing with some of the other headers. Try to move the
headers so they have a similar style and way of doing things.

+ also applies:

Reviewed By: ldionne, daltenty

Differential Revision:
Brad Smith <> no 2022-05-07
libclang-cpp-test-link-failure.patch Fix link with as-needed default flag, by tweaking upstream patch and cherry-picking to branch 14 no debian
new-cmake-build-fix.patch [PATCH] [OpenMP] Replace libomp_check_linker_flag with llvm_check_compiler_linker_flag

Replace the custom libomp_check_linker_flag() implementation with
llvm_check_compiler_linker_flag() from the common cmake utils. Due
to the way the custom implementation is implemented (capturing
output from an entire nested cmake invocation) it can easily end
up incorrectly detecting flags as unavailable, e.g. because "error",
"unknown" or similar occurs inside compiler flags, the directory
name, etc.


Differential Revision:
Nikita Popov <> no 2023-04-20
gcc-13-build-fix.patch [PATCH] [libomp] Explicitly include <string> header (NFC)
This is required to build against libstdc++ 13. Debug.h uses
std::stoi() from <string> without explicitly including it.
Nikita Popov <> no 2023-01-20
CVE-2023-29932.patch [PATCH] [WebAssembly] Use default attributes for intrinsics
This switches wasm intrinsics to use default attributes,
i.e. nofree, nosync, nocallback and willreturn. Especially
willreturn will be required to avoid optimization regressions
in the future.

The attributes are omitted from the trapping fptoi intrinsics
(where I assume trapping is considered well-defined, and as such
these aren't willreturn), the throw/rethrow intrinsics (which
will unwind) and the atomic intrinsics (which aren't nosync).

Differential Revision:
Nikita Popov <> no 2022-11-07
CVE-2023-29934.patch [PATCH] [mlir][spirv] Account for type conversion failures in scf-to-spirv

Reviewed By: antiagainst

Differential Revision:
Jakub Kuderski <> no 2023-01-09
CVE-2023-29939.patch [PATCH] [mlir][spirv] Fix crash in spirv-lower-abi-attributes
... when the are no SPIR-V env attributes.

Reviewed By: antiagainst

Differential Revision:
Jakub Kuderski <> no 2023-01-13
libsanitizer-timebits.diff # DP: Add another #undef for _TIME_BITS no
ubuntu-releases.patch [PATCH] Add support of the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 23.04 - Lunar Lobster) Sylvestre Ledru <> no 2022-11-05

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