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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update [lxc.service] Starts after =?utf-8?q?Pierre-Elliott_B=C3=A9cue?= <> no 2019-08-05 [apparmor.d] Sets container-base accordingly to =?utf-8?q?Pierre-Elliott_B=C3=A9cue?= <> no 2019-08-05
0004-nesting-Extend-mount-permissions-in-apparmor-to-allo.patch [nesting] Extend mount permissions in apparmor to allow systemd services' restrictions to work

These options allow systemd security features to work. In particular
cases, it helps with systemd-logind and program like this

It's only added in nesting profile as it could pose security risks on
privileged containers.

mount options=(rw,rbind) -> /run/systemd/unit-root/,
mount options=(rw,rbind) -> /run/systemd/unit-root/**,
mount options=(rw,rshared) -> /,
mount options=(rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec) proc -> /run/systemd/unit-root/proc/,
=?utf-8?q?Pierre-Elliott_B=C3=A9cue?= <> no 2022-08-01

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