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Status for macaulay2/1.24.05+ds-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
git-description.patch Provide version#"git description". Since we may not be building the package from a git repository, we
hardcode the git description ahead of time. This patch is
automatically updated by debian/scripts/
Doug Torrance <> not-needed 2020-12-21
reproducible-version.patch Reproducible version hash table. - For version#"configure arguments", we replace the build directory
with "/build/path" in all the instances of the -fdebug-prefix-map
- For version#"compile-node-name" and version#"operating system release", we
use dummy values.
Doug Torrance <> not-needed 2021-09-23
reproducible-startup-m2.patch Use install location instead of build location for startup.m2 for reproducibility. Doug Torrance <> not-needed upstream 2023-03-14
use-cached-examples.patch Set AuxiliaryFiles and UseCachedExampleOutput options to true for several packages whose examples are cached because
generating them has been known to cause build failures on various
architectures. See debian/scripts/generate-examples.m2.
Doug Torrance <> not-needed 2021-02-20
skip-failing-core-tests.patch Skip Core tests that have been known to fail on various architectures.
& ComputationsBook/solving)
Graham Inggs <> yes upstream 2022-06-28
skip-failing-package-tests.patch Skip package tests that have been known to fail on various architectures. Doug Torrance <> yes upstream 2024-04-04
skip-failing-engine-tests.patch Skip failing engine tests. Doug Torrance <> yes upstream 2021-12-09
use-dh-elpa.patch Modifications to work with dh_elpa. * Only load "M2-init" if we need to (e.g., if elpa-macaulay2 wasn't set up
properly because the user didn't have the Debian/Ubuntu emacs package
* Warn the user if elpa-macaulay2 isn't installed.
* Fix path to M2-emacs-help.txt in documentation.
Doug Torrance <> not-needed 2023-11-07
topcom-memopt.patch Use --memopt option when calling TOPCOM Saves memory using caching to avoid example/test failures. Doug Torrance <> yes upstream 2022-12-15
no-version-select.patch Disable version-select dropdown menu in html documentation Only makes sense if we have multiple versions of the documentation installed,
which will not be the case. This only matters when the documentation is
viewed over a local webserver, e.g., when using dwww.
Doug Torrance <> not-needed 2023-10-03
libatomic.patch Check if we need to link against -latomic This is necessary to handle 64-bit atomics (which are used by TBB) on certain
32-bit architectures (e.g., powerpc and m68k) due to a GCC bug.
Doug Torrance <> yes upstream 2024-04-16

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