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drop-CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD.patch Use default C++ standard. Previously, macromoleculebuilder tried to force C++14 in the compiler to
ensure ccess to newer language features. However, C++ is now too old for
some of the build-dependencies (tao-pegtl-dev) and causes a build failure.
Since standard nowadays is newer, C++14 forcing is removed.
Thanks Steve Langasek for reporting this and suggesting a fix.
Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
96da444290ab1af4385013c566079d381d8051b4.patch [PATCH] Require gemmi 0.6.2 or newer =?UTF-8?q?Michal=20Mal=C3=BD?= <> no 2023-06-21
bf1ab1ebf49bb9e48f4f133e155f9315cc37079d.patch [PATCH] gemmi::make_structure now requires an rvalue argument =?UTF-8?q?Michal=20Mal=C3=BD?= <> no 2023-01-05

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