Debian Patches

Status for magic/8.3.105+ds.1-1.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-makefile-exit-on-error.patch Makefile adjustment
This patch adjusts the Makefile to exit on errors
Roland Stigge <> no 2018-07-26
03-makefile-install-html.patch Install HTML docs to FHS conformant /usr/share
This patch changes a Makefile to install HTML docs to an FHS conformant dir
Roland Stigge <> no 2018-07-26
04-fhs-images.patch Move images to an FHS conformant directory
This patch moves some XBM images to an FHS conformant directory in /usr/share
Roland Stigge <> no 2018-07-26
05-readline-reference-removal.patch Readline removal
This patch removes remaining references to readline
Roland Stigge <> no 2018-07-26
06-script-adjustments.patch Various #! script adjustments for Tcl scripts
This patch adjusts some Tcl scripts to Debian file locations
Roland Stigge <> no 2018-07-26
08-reproducible-build.patch reproducible-build Roland Stigge <> no 2018-07-26
0008-Some-spelling-errors-fixed.patch Some spelling errors fixed Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-07-26
0009-Tutorials-and-ps-files-installed-in-usr-share-doc-ma.patch Tutorials and ps files installed in /usr/share/doc/magic Ruben Undheim <> no 2018-07-26
0011-Add-bindings-to-scroll-with-shift-or-ctrl-pressed.patch Add bindings to scroll with shift or ctrl pressed Ruben Undheim <> no 2019-03-27
0010-Keep_install_as_earlier_Debian_packages.patch Keep install location as earlier Debian packages Ruben Undheim <> no 2020-12-27
autoconf2.71.patch Fix FTBFS with autoconf 2.71 Adrian Bunk <> no debian

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