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Status for man2html/1.6g-14

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
013-man2html-file-link.patch 013 man2html file link Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29
012-man2html-TH.patch 012 man2html TH
Accept troff macros in .TH line (closes: #180335).
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29 000
Add support for $(DEBIAN_CFLAGS).
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29
001-hman-bashism.patch 001 hman bashism
Remove bashism from hman
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29
002-man2html-default-cgibase.patch 002 man2html default cgibase
Set default cgibase for man2html to an empty string, so hyperlinks
will be like `href="/cgi-bin/..."'
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29
003-hman-browser.patch 003 hman browser
Rename BROWSER variable to HMAN_BROWSER in the script
to avoid conflict with sensible-browser's BROWSER.
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-02-06
004-spelling.patch 004 spelling
s/manpage/man page/g
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-03-22
005-paths.patch 005 paths
Change paths to conform FHS and Debian Policy.
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-03-16
010-aux-debian.patch 010 aux debian
Change templates to be more like in old Debian version,
esp. use <FORM> instead of <ISINDEX>
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29
011-man2html-doctype-status.patch 011 man2html doctype status
Add DOCTYPE and `Status:' header to man2html
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-01-29
014-hman-sensible-browser.patch 014 hman sensible browser
Use sensible-browser if lynx can't be found.
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-02-08
015-hman-urlencode.patch 015 hman urlencode
Properly encode URLs given to browsers, so `hman index++' should work now (closes: #258027)
Robert Luberda <> no 2004-07-28
017-man2html.seealso.patch 017 man2html.seealso
Add SEE ALSO hman to man2html man page (closes: #285401).
Robert Luberda <> no 2005-01-28
018-man2html-quotes.patch 018 man2html quotes
Add support for \(lq and \(rq escape sequences (closes: #338339).
Nils Rennebarth <> no 2005-11-09
019-man2html-noindex-segfault.patch 019 man2html noindex segfault
Fix segfault on man pages with no sections (see bug #349907).
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-02-09
020-man2html-escape_N.patch 020 man2html escape_N
Add support for \N'n' groff sequences (closes: #348553).
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-02-09
021-man2html-perl_modules.patch 021 man2html perl_modules
Add support for Perl modules (closes: #363384).
=?utf-8?q?Nicolas_Fran=C3=A7ois?= <> no 2006-04-18
022-man2html-it-manpage.patch 022 man2html it manpage
Fix syntax error in the Italian man2html(1) page.
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-02-01
023-man2html-double-quotes.patch 023 man2html double quotes
Properly decode double quotes inside the quoted text (closes: #406098).
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-17
024-man2html-uncompress.patch 024 man2html uncompress
Add support for uncompressing gzipped man pages.
If the requested page does not exist, try to serve gzipped one instead (closes: #418771).
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-17
025-man2html-macro-all-args.patch 025 man2html macro all args
Handle \$* and \$@ escapes.
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-17
026-man2html-macro-longname.patch 026 man2html macro longname
Support macro names longer than two chars (closes: #408232).
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-17
027-man2html-macro-priority.patch 027 man2html macro priority
Parse user-defined macros before the global ones (closes: #5587).
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-17
028-man2html-segfault.patch 028 man2html segfault
Fix segfault when viewing groff(7) page.
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-23
029-man2html-new-macros.patch 029 man2html new macros
Handle \[xx] escapes and add a few commonly used char/string definitions.
Robert Luberda <> no 2007-04-23
030-man2html-man-hyphens.patch 030 man2html man hyphens
Fix lintian's `hyphen-used-as-minus-sign'
Robert Luberda <> no 2008-01-05
031-man2html-BR-empty-line.patch 031 man2html BR empty line
Ignore font change requests that are note followed by any words (closes: #489181).
Robert Luberda <> no 2008-09-07
032-man2html-man-remove-LO-tags.patch 032 man2html man remove LO tags
Remove `.LO 1' lines (lintian).
Robert Luberda <> no 2008-09-07
033-gcc-warnings.patch 033 gcc warnings
Fix some gcc warnings.
Robert Luberda <> no 2011-01-09
034-UTF8-charset.patch 034 UTF8 charset
Set charset in Content-type header to UTF-8 (LP: #873102).
Robert Luberda <> no 2013-11-17
035-source-date-epoch.patch Source date epoch
Make man2html use the latest date in debian/changelog as the timestamp for its
html output if $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is exported. Otherwise man2html continues with
its default behaviour of using the date of today to produce its timestamps.
Maria Valentina Marin <> no debian 2015-08-19
036-fix-tbl-font-parsing.patch Fix tbl font parsing
The printf.1posix man page contains tbl table that looks like this:
lf5 | lf5 | lf7.
9999999999@2147483647@printf: "9999999999" arithmetic overflow

While parsing the last 'f' from the header line man2html used to ignore
all the characters until the next space. Unfortunately this included
the '.' (dot) that ends the header. As a result man2html considered the
table data lines as being part of the header and thus set the length
of cells to 9999999999 and 2147483647 characters. Finally it tried to
display such an unreasonable number of &nbsp; entities, what make it
to appear to hang...

To fix the issue make sure the trailing dot is not ignored while parsing
'f' or 'F' specifiers of tbl header.
Robert Luberda <> no 2017-04-19
037-man2html-Nm-and-Bk-mdoc.patch Fix .Nm and .Bk mdoc macros handling
Make sure .Nm mdoc remembers the argument used for its very first
call (that is in NAME section rather than in SYNOPSIS, as it was
implemented), and then use the saved argument for other calls that
contain no argument at all or contain only punctation.

Skip any options given to .Bk and .Ek commands. Currently the only
option possible for .Bk is '-words', that is the default option anyway,
and .Ek does not take any options, according to groff_mdoc(7).

The two following fixes make it possible to properly display
dash(1) man page.
Robert Luberda <> no 2020-12-20
038-man2html-colon-escape-sequence.patch Fix \: escape sequence
Handle \: sequence in the same way as \%, i.e. by replacing
it with empty string. Quoting groff(7):
\: Inserts a zero-width break point (similar to \% but
without a soft hyphen character)
Robert Luberda <> no 2020-12-20
039-hman-sensible-browser-by-default.patch hman: Use sensible-browser by default
As execution of local CGI scripts is by default disabled in lynx
for security reasons, make hman use sensible-browser (or value of
MANHTMLPAGER env variable if set), even if lynx is installed.
This fixes 'executable rejected due to location or path' error
when hman was trying to run lynx.

If a user changes lynx configuration to permit execution of
local CGI scripts, he or she can set MANHTMLPAGER to 'lynxcgi'
to restore the previous behaviour.
Robert Luberda <> no 2020-12-20

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