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0025-Change-the-default-optimization-from-O3-to-O2-in-mys.patch Change the default optimization from -O3 to -O2 in mysql_release.cmake BUILD_CONFIG profile Ondrej Sury <> yes 2017-11-22
rocksdb-kfreebsd.patch # Merged in RocksDB 6.13.fb, but not updated into MariaDB yet
Upstream has merged this but we still need to wait for it to be included
in a RocksDB release and imported into MariaDB and then into Debian.
Andrew Kryczka <> yes upstream 2020-06-16
env-perl-usr-bin-perl.patch Fix perl path in scripts Fix Lintian issue
Upstream will never accept this patch, see
Otto Keklinen <> yes 2020-12-20
fix-spelling-rocksdb.patch Fix various spelling errors still found in code Two upstream PRs remain that have been merged, but not imported on MariaDB yet. Otto Keklinen <> yes 2022-03-02
fix-reproducible-builds-rocksdb.patch Make RocksDB build reproducible
The RocksDB binary included a string with the build timestamp:
> rocksdb_build_git_date:@2021-05-2316:04:38@

As this changes from build to build, it makes the builds unreproducible.
Simply removing it solves the issue.

This temporary fix can be removed when a proper fix already done in upstream
lands in MariaDB when the RocksDB submodule is updated to a newer release.
Otto Keklinen <> yes upstream
mroonga-mrn-lib-dirs-path-reproducible-build.patch [PATCH] cmake: add support for reproducible buildS .
We should use relative path not absolute path.
We can use target without breaking reproducibility.
Sutou Kouhei <> not-needed upstream 2022-02-05
2129-new-script-wsrep-sst-backup-fixes.patch [PATCH] Properly introduce wsrep_sst_backup script in project packaging

The script wsrep_sst_backup was introduced on MariaDB 10.3 in commit
9b2fa2a. The new script was automatically included in RPM packages but not
in Debian packages (which started to fail on waring about stray file).

Include wsrep_sst_backup in the mariadb-server-10.{3..8} package, and
also include a stub man page so that packaging of a new script is complete.
Otto Keklinen <> yes 2022-05-22
2541-fix-stack-overflow-in-pinbox-allocator.patch [PATCH] Fix a stack overflow in pinbox allocator
MariaDB supports a "wait-free concurrent allocator based on pinning addresses".
In `lf_pinbox_real_free()` it tries to sort the pinned addresses for better
performance to use binary search during "real free". `alloca()` was used to
allocate stack memory and copy addresses.

To prevent a stack overflow when allocating the stack memory the function checks
if there's enough stack space. However, the available stack size was calculated
inaccurately which eventually caused database crash due to stack overflow.

The crash was seen on MariaDB 10.6.11 but the same code defect exists on all
MariaDB versions.

A similar issue happened previously and the fix in fc2c1e43 was to add a
`ALLOCA_SAFETY_MARGIN` which is 8192 bytes. However, that safety margin is not
enough during high connection workloads.

MySQL also had a similar issue and the fix was to remove the use of
`alloca` and replace qsort approach by a linear scan through all pointers (pins)
owned by each thread.

This commit is mostly the same as it is the only way to solve this issue as:
1. Frame sizes in different architecture can be different.
2. Number of active (non-null) pinned addresses varies, so the frame
size for the recursive sorting function `msort_with_tmp` is also hard
to predict.
3. Allocating big memory blocks in stack doesn't seem to be a very good

For further details see the mentioned commit in MySQL and the inline comments.

All new code of the whole pull request, including one or several files
that are either new files or modified ones, are contributed under the
BSD-new license. I am contributing on behalf of my employer Amazon Web
Services, Inc.
Hugo Wen <> yes 2023-03-11

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