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Status for maxima-sage/5.45.1-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
renew-cl-info.lsp-patch-to-set-alternative-info-directory Allow relocation of maxima-index.lisp Debian policy does not allow lisp source in /usr/share/info. This
patch establishes a variable maxima::*maxima-index-dir* which when
set will provide an alternative location for the file, currently
maxima (5.31.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream release
Camm Maguire <> no
build-fasl.patch Build a fasl library for ecl in addition to an executable program. References:
matrixexp.patch Fix error in matrix exponentiation This patch was written by SageMath but not yet committed into Maxima releases.
However, it is needed for SageMath to work correctly:
Peter Bruin <> yes upstream
undoing_true_false_printing_patch.patch no
change_name_to_maxima-sage.patch Change autotools package name to maxima-sage In order to have maxima-sage in the installation paths. Tobias Hansen <> no
handle-multiple-ldflags.patch Handle multiple LDFLAGS Without this patch, building with LDFLAGS containing more than one flag results
in flags being dropped.
Graham Inggs <> no debian
texinfo-encoding.patch Declare ISO-8859-1 encoding in texinfo file Since texinfo 6.7 the default encoding is UTF-8,
which leads to an error.
Tobias Hansen <> no

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