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commit d4220958edd70354dbe47958394adf5d9a246117

Fix spurious exit on speech interruption by espeakup

espeak sends SIGUSR1 to make mbrola flush its output. Handling that signal
however makes fgets return EINTR, as expected on System V systems.
readline_InputFile thus has to loop over in that case. Otherwise it
would erroneously think an error or EOF occurred and exit.
Samuel Thibault <> no 2020-06-14
flags no

commit 151763240cb170943e8cc050df8a1ae6347cb7bf

Fix detecting EOF

fgets returns NULL on EOF as well, so we need to call feof to properly
detect EOF.

diff --git a/Parser/input_file.c b/Parser/input_file.c
index eea2da2..ac3454d 100644
Samuel Thibault <> no 2021-08-20
parallel no

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