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Status for micropython/1.19.1+ds-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-unix-Fix-Makefile.patch [PATCH 01/10] unix: Fix Makefile yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0002-docs-Use-local-intersphinx.patch [PATCH 02/10] docs: Use local intersphinx yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0003-docs-Fix-privacy-breach-generic.patch [PATCH 03/10] docs: Fix privacy-breach-generic yangfl <> no 2021-01-04 [PATCH 04/10] py/ Use fixed mpversion yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0005-unix-modjni-Try-loading-default-java.patch [PATCH 05/10] unix/modjni: Try loading default-java yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0006-extmod-Use-system-mbedtls.patch [PATCH 06/10] extmod: Use system mbedtls yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
0007-py-parsenum-Implement-exact-float-parsing-using-inte.patch [PATCH 07/10] py/parsenum: Implement exact float parsing using integer mpz.

Float parsing should now be exact. Costs about 200 bytes on stm32.

- test more
- don't allocate heap memory, use the stack instead
- benchmark to see if it's acceptable
Damien George <> no 2020-05-11
0008-samd-Makefile-Include-ldexp-in-build-if-needed-by-fl.patch [PATCH 08/10] samd/Makefile: Include ldexp in build if needed by float parsing. Damien George <> no 2020-05-11
0009-py-parsenum-Improve-parsing-of-floats-with-large-num.patch [PATCH 09/10] py/parsenum: Improve parsing of floats with large number of digits. Damien George <> no 2020-05-16
0010-unix-modjni-Add-missing-const.patch [PATCH 10/10] unix/modjni: Add missing const yangfl <> no 2021-01-04
fixup-missing-headers.patch diff --git a/extmod/modussl_mbedtls.c b/extmod/modussl_mbedtls.c
index 44668ae63..153cc7e43 100644

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