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Status for mlmmj/1.3.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
02_fix_mlmmj_php.diff Makes it so that mlmmj-php-web-admin uses the FHS of Debian with correct dirs.
diff -u -r -N a/contrib/web/php-admin/htdocs/dot.htaccess b/contrib/web/php-admin/htdocs/dot.htaccess
<boll@andariel> not-needed
05_fix_displayed_full_paths.diff Changes path of a printf in mlmmj.h to be /usr/bin and not /usr/local/bin when printing usages. <boll@andariel> not-needed
fixes-path-to-templates-folder-in-php-web-admin Fixes path to templates folder in the php web admin config.php Thomas Goirand <> not-needed
06_fix-php-web-for-php7.diff Update for PHP 5 -> PHP 7 transition ereg() and eregi() were deprecated with PHP 5.3.0 and removed in PHP 7.0.0
Also remove min 2, max 4 character TLD portion of regex, as there are
top-level domains > 4 chars now.
Thanks to Ron Guerin <> for his help with the PHP regexes.
Christopher Knadle <> no debian
07_fix-crontab-suggestions.diff Alter the mlmmj instructions for making a crontab entry, which by default tells the user to add an entry without specifying the user.
Additionally let the user know that the Debian package already adds a
crontab entry in /etc/cron.d meaning under normal circumstances no
additional crontab is necessary
Christopher Knadle <> no debian
08_fix-gcc-10-build.diff Fix build for GCC 10 Christopher Knadle <> no debian

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