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Status for nbconvert/6.5.3-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix_missing_classic_style_css.patch fix missing style.css autopkgtest failure Julien Puydt yes
0002-Disable-downloading-CSS-from-the-web-since-we-can-co.patch Disable downloading CSS from the web, since we can copy it directly from the notebook package instead Gordon Ball <> invalid 2017-01-26
0004-privacy-breaches.patch patch away cloudflare to avoid privacy breaches Julien Puydt <> invalid 2019-06-20
0005-Patch-out-obsolete-grffile-from-latex-template.patch Patch out obsolete grffile from latex template
This removes references to grffile, which is now a no-op stub. See

Patch from Christian Christensen.
Gordon Ball <> no 2019-11-12
0006-Fix-invalid-escape-sequence-in-docstrings.patch Fix invalid escape sequence in docstrings Gordon Ball <> yes 2021-02-19
0005-Vendor-mistune-0.8.4.patch Vendor mistune 0.8.4
Mistune 2.0 can't easily be used to replace the existing API, so drop a
copy of the single library file from mistune 0.8.4 into
nbconvert.filters and patch the filter to use it.

Gordon Ball <> no 2022-01-08
0006-Set-nbsphinx_allow_errors-in-sphinx-conf.patch Set nbsphinx_allow_errors in sphinx conf Gordon Ball <> no 2022-01-08
0007-fix-SyntaxError:_invalid_escape_sequence.patch Since at least nbconvert 6.5.3-1 importing fails with "SyntaxError: invalid escape sequence". This patch prevents that
issue, although I'm not 100% sure if it fixes the underlaying issue.
Given that the escape sequence is invalid, I don't think it ever worked
properly, but I could be wrong. Given that the escape sequence is invalid,
I don't know what exactly was intended. mistune moved on to a newer
version, I couldn't find the code or anything like it in the newer
code base.
Paul Gevers <> not-needed
0008-dont-use-intersphinx-during-build.patch Building documentation with Sphinx uses intersphinx by default, which downloads data from the internet. This isn't allowed
during Debian binary builds.
Paul Gevers <> not-needed
0009-Skip-test_default_config-due-to-jupyter-core-4.11.2-.patch Patch failing test after jupyter-core 4.11.2 Gordon Ball <> no 2022-11-24
0010-fix-test_errors_print_traceback.patch [PATCH] fix test_errors_print_traceback Steven Silvester <> no debian 2023-04-25

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