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Status for ncbi-blast+/2.12.0+ds-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
optin_usage_report this patch change strategy to optin ie user asks per config/env vars to send reports, else it is disabled by default.
Not a bug by itself but default strategy update to send info over internet.
Olivier Sallou <> no
enable_clean_after_failed_compile Enable clean Tim Booth no
hurd_fixes fix portability issues that led to Hurd build failures
* src/build-system/configure(.ac):
- Reflect the Hurd's support for -Wl,rpath,... .
* src/connect/ncbi_socket_cxx.cpp, src/connect/ext/ncbi_localnet.c:
cope with missing PATH_MAX everywhere, not just under Windows.
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2020-09-19
legacy_rename_rpsblast rename binary as blast+ for package coherency. Olivier Sallou <> no
fix_lib_deps ensure that all libraries link against all direct dependencies
* src/**/Makefile.*.lib: set DLL_(D)LIB correctly. Break the dependency
loop between libxblast and libxalgoblastdbindex by having the former
provide only the C++ BLAST API, leaving the C core only in libblast.
* src/build-system/library_relations.txt: Change xblast's
relationship to blast from includes to needs, accordingly.
* src/algo/blast/ Add blast to BLAST_LIBS.
* src/algo/blast/dbindex*/*/Makefile.*.app: Link against libxconnect
rather than libconnect for consistency with libblast, which uses the
former to keep the aforementioned cycle-breaking from causing
inconsistency elsewhere.
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2016-12-05
no_multiarch_rpath avoid redundant rpath entries on multiarch systems
* src/build-system/configure(.ac): when ensuring that executables
will be able to find libstdc++, don't add rpath entries that files
under /etc/ already specify, even if they don't resemble
traditional single-architecture or biarch locations.
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2011-08-28
use_pie_for_apps build executables with -fPIE, not -fPIC
* -fPIC is only useful for shared libraries; substitute -fPIE (along
with -pie at link time) when building executables.
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2012-05-10
skip_services_unit_test test require internet connection Tim Booth no
fix_configure Debian build is not done in configure directory, need to update way to get relative configure.orig script Olivier Sallou <> no
support_x32 Support x32
Avoid picking up wrong inline assembly.
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2021-12-01
suppress_tls_version_checks suppress gnu TLS and mbed TLS version checks
Prevent bailing when the exact compile-time and runtime GNU TLS versions
differ; trust dpkg to disallow combinations that are actually incompatible.
Likewise for mbed TLS.
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2021-12-01
optionally_keep_sequence Hang on to sequence data even if -parse_deflines recognized a non-local ID, on the condition that the environment variable BLAST_ALWAYS_KEEP_SEQUENCE
(or configuration parameter [BLAST] always_keep_sequence) is set to a
"true" value (English-only, case-insensitive true, t, yes, y, or 1).
Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2016-12-14
fix_unit_tests unit_test need blast lib to compile Olivier Sallou <> not-needed
system_mbedtls_only Omit convenience mbed TLS copy Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2021-12-01
reprobuild make the build more reproducible Michael R. Crusoe <> no
spelling Spelling fixes Michael R. Crusoe <> no
support_gcc10 Support GCC 10+.
* ncbifile.cpp (s_GetFileSystemInfo): Formally cast st.f_type to avoid
narrowing errors for cases with the high bit set when that field is
a 32-bit signed integer (as on i386).

Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2020-09-06
run_perl_directly Bypass env in Perl script shebangs. Aaron M. Ucko <> no 2021-12-01
tune_lmdb_defaults no

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