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Status for nicstat/1.95-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-manpage_fixes.patch Fix groff warnings in nicstat manpage James Troup <> no
15-too_many_arguments_for_format.patch Fix compile time warning about too many arguments for format James Troup <> no
729897.patch Fix utilization calculation by using correct constant for full duplex on Linux The code that calculates utilization checks the duplex mode against a numeric
value (`2') that (apparently) is the value of DUPLEX_FULL on Solaris.
On Linux, DUPLEX_FULL has a different value and so nicstat will always
treat full duplex cards as half duplex and get the utilisation wrong;
hence the increased severity.
Stelios Bounanos <> no debian
729895.patch fix miscalculation of NIC speed On Linux, when nicstat obtains nic info via ioctl SIOCETHTOOL, it picks
up the speed from a struct ethtool_cmd, where it's stored as a u16 in
Mbps, and multiplies it by the integer literal 1000000 to get bps.
On 10GbE ethernet this causes a signed integer overflow, which is
undefined behaviour and the result sadly never seems to work out to
the correct 10,000,000,000 bps :-)
Stelios Bounanos <> no debian

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