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Status for nipy/0.5.0-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
sphinx-ext yes
local-mathjax.patch Use mathjax package Stuart Prescott <> not-needed
numpy-fix.patch Adapt with newer numpy and nibabel Nilesh Patra <> no debian 2022-12-21
numpy1.24.patch Fix formula summing for change in Numpy sum Matthew Brett no debian 2023-01-14
nibabel5.0.0.patch port py3k calls to nibabel 5.0.0 The nibabel.py3k module doesn't exist anymore. numpy.compat.py3k is fetched
directly instead. A number of Nifti1Image class instantiations also need
adjustment, since masks of int64 or uint64 are not tolerated implicitly
tienne Mollier <> yes debian 2023-01-31
nibabel5.1.0.patch fix deprecation errors in reverse dependencies. Calls to nibabel.onetime.setattr_on_read are deprecated since nibabel 3.2,
and raise an ExpiredDeprecationError since nibabel 5.0, causing test failures
in reverse dependencies such as nipype. This patch migrates the code to the
documented replacement nibabel.onetime.auto_attr.
tienne Mollier <> no debian 2023-08-17
standard-gifty-support.patch explicitly cast data format to gifti. The newer GiftiDataArray now works only with float32 (and various integer
types) but receives float64 matrices from NumPy, thus it is necessary to
indicate the datatype to the operator.
This patch contributes to resolve nipy test failures at package build time.
tienne Mollier <> no debian 2023-08-17
remove-imagefileerror.patch remove check for ImageFileError. This error class completely disappeared from the library it is imported from.
Reading the comment around the code, it seems to be in use fo legacy support
of said library, so shouldn't be a problem in Debian context.
This patch contributes to resolve partially nipy test failures at build time.
tienne Mollier <> no debian 2023-08-17

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