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Status for nipype/1.8.6-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
deb_skip_doctest_pybids Skip doctest pybids Yaroslav Halchenko no 2018-12-18
deb_no_explicit_pydot Skip pydot version test Andreas Tille no 2020-02-20
deb_disable_google_online_snippets disable Google online snippets Yaroslav Halchenko no 2014-10-14
python3.patch Force usage of Python3 Andreas Tille <> no 2020-02-20
sphinx.patch Get sphinx doc somehow building Andreas Tille <> no 2020-02-20
fix-transpose.patch Declare a,b in tests as np arrays explicitly Nilesh Patra <> no 2022-05-02
reproducible-build.patch Make build reproducible This patch replaces local file links with remote url in the sphinx generated documentation.
Also disables printing object id in the generated doc.
Mohammed Bilal <> not-needed 2022-08-22
use_distutils_looseversion.patch As long as Python3 module looseversion is not packaged yet use distutils instead Andreas Tille <> no 2023-01-26
fix-privacy-breaches.patch fix privacy breaches caused by autoloaded links. There are a bunch of links landing in the html documentation which end up
automatically loaded upon mere reading of the local-only document. This
concerns images, scripts and stylesheets, among other things. These are
problematic for two reasons:
* they break when offline, or when the remote resource disappears;
* they reveal the remote resource someone is reading the documentation at a
given time.
Note that there are still some leftover links which still need to be
addressed, but I failed to identify where they stem from (basically this
concerns a bunch of scripts which are loaded from cloudflare, and also some
TeX html-ized resources).
tienne Mollier <> not-needed 2023-08-18

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