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Status for nlopt/2.7.1-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
set_cxx_soname.patch Set C++ library SONAME Sets library name to instead of for the
default build (which activates C++ algorithms).
Drew Parsons <> not-needed 2020-11-18
docs_skip_mdx_math.patch Provide nlopt-doc package with HTML documentation Debian patch docs_skip_mdx_math.patch skips mdx_math in docs. It is
provided by python-markdown-math which is not packaged yet. Needed to
render inline TeX maths e.g. $lb_i = ub_i$, so we'll manage without
that for now.
Drew Parsons <> not-needed 2019-09-26
fix-octave-install-path.patch Fix installation path of Octave files Without this patch, the Octave files would be installed in a path that contains
the version number of the Octave version against which they were compiled.
Thus, the package would need to be recompiled after each new (minor) version of
The present patch makes the installation path independent from the Octave
version (of course, rebuilds may still be needed because of ABI bumps).
Sbastien Villemot <> not-needed 2020-02-05
octave-private-libraries.patch Do not link against Octave libraries Since Octave 5, the .oct files are no longer linked against Octave libraries.
And since Octave 6.4.0-2 in Debian, those libraries have been made private (as
does upstream by default), hence linking against them leads to a FTBFS.
Sbastien Villemot <> no 2022-01-17
mkdocs-1.3.patch Fix FTBFS against mkdocs 1.3.0 The config option 'pages' has been removed and superseded by the 'nav' option
in mkdocs 1.3.0.
Sbastien Villemot <> no debian 2022-04-14

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