Debian Patches

Status for node-react/18.2.0+dfsg+~cs88.72.123-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
skip-closure.patch Skip closure closure-compiler in debian is very old, hopefully we can skip this optimization not-needed 2020-10-21
skip-prettier.patch Skip prettier hopefully its optional, bad style we can tolerate not-needed
skip-strip-banner.patch Skip strip banner not pakaged in debian, hopefully we can tolerate it not-needed 2020-10-21
no-skip-node-resolve.patch skip option is removed from rollup-plugin-node-resolve https: // not-needed
add-build-files-for-react-window.patch Add build files for react window Embedded copy is from so it is missing some files required to build. not-needed
remove-cross-env.diff remove useless cross-env Yadd <> not-needed 2022-07-09
remove-babel-code-frame.diff remove useless babel-code-frame Xavier Guimard <> not-needed 2020-10-21
remove-syntax-trailing-function-commas.diff remove dependency plugin to node-babel-plugin-syntax-trailing-function-commas Xavier Guimard <> not-needed 2020-10-27
fix-for-mkdirp-1.diff fix for mkdirp ≥ 1 Xavier Guimard <> no debian 2020-10-27
drop-legacy-plugins.patch Replace legacy plugins no
fix-for-filesize-10.patch fix for node-filesize >= 10 Yadd <> not-needed 2022-10-02
fix-for-rollup-3.patch fix for rollup 3 Yadd <> not-needed debian 2022-10-27

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