Debian Patches

Status for nvidia-texture-tools/2.0.8-1+dfsg-8.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
03-kfreebsd-bfs.patch Add support for FreeBSD
diff --git a/src/nvcore/Debug.cpp b/src/nvcore/Debug.cpp
index 0babc0f..922bce7 100644
no debian upstream, 2012-03-31
04-fix-gcc4.7-build.patch Fix NVTT build on GCC 4.7
diff --git a/src/nvcore/Debug.cpp b/src/nvcore/Debug.cpp
index 922bce7..ec4790e 100644
no 2012-03-31
01-library-versioning.patch Abstract:
Added library versioning to match debian standards. Patch is submitted upstream.

diff --git a/CMakeLists.txt b/CMakeLists.txt
index 51f1253..68b4fe4 100644
Lennart Weller <> yes 2012-01-07
02-multiarch.patch Abstract:
Added multiarch support. This change is debian specific and
was not forwarded.

diff --git a/src/nvcore/CMakeLists.txt b/src/nvcore/CMakeLists.txt
index 50ace0f..6bb7e4d 100644
Lennart Weller <> not-needed 2012-01-07
05-fix-aliasing-bug.patch Fix aliasing bug
diff --git a/src/nvmath/Vector.h b/src/nvmath/Vector.h
index bffdfbe..f90bd57 100644
yes upstream upstream, 2012-03-31
06-fix-libpng1.5-build.patch Fixed build with libpng1.5
diff --git a/src/nvimage/ImageIO.cpp b/src/nvimage/ImageIO.cpp
index 0b24600..22e920a 100644
no upstream, 2012-03-31
07-fix-valgrind.patch Remove malloc overrides
diff --git a/src/nvcore/Containers.h b/src/nvcore/Containers.h
index f0b63d4..3d1d8ee 100644
yes upstream upstream, 2012-03-31
08-fix-wordsize-warning.patch Removes incompatible typedefs for amd64 builds
diff --git a/src/nvcore/DefsGnucLinux.h b/src/nvcore/DefsGnucLinux.h
index a8e2a29..84864cc 100644
yes upstream 2012-09-20
09-arm-fix.patch NVTT SVN r1173 ( ) no 2013-09-06
10-fix-cxxflags.patch yes 2013-09-06
11-arm64-support.patch Description:
Adds ARM64 build support to nvtt.
Martin Michlmayr <> invalid upstream 2015-06-27
12-fix-simd-warning.patch Description:
The array size increase avoids an aggressive loop optimization warning with
simd instructions where the compiler is unaware that the last value is not
actually accessed.
not-needed 2015-08-04
13-typos.patch Description:
Lintian is quite pedantic about spelling mistakes
not-needed 2015-11-30
14-gcc6.patch Fix building with gcc 6 Adrian Bunk <> no debian
15-ppc64el.patch no

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