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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-extra-jars-in-new-location.patch Do not specify paths in Class-path. Tiago Saboga <> no
02-add-bmsi.util.Diff.patch Add bmsi.util.Diff Andrej Shadura <> no
03-location-of-help-files.patch Change location of help files. Tiago Saboga <> no
04-load-installed-changelog.patch Instead of changes.txt, load the changelog from the standard location Andrej Shadura <> no
05-update-dictzip.patch Adapt to the current DictZip interface Andrej Shadura <> no
06-use-external-hunspell.patch Use debian's libhunspell. Tiago Saboga <> no
07-do-not-load-jmyspell.patch Disable JMySpell loading.
JMySpell is not available on Debian. Ideally, we should patch upstream
to use it only if available, but for now we disable it entirely.
Tiago Saboga <> no 2011-06-07
08-disable-extra-dependencies.patch Strip missing dependencies
Make it possible to build OmegaT without Git/Subversion support and
also without SuperTMXMerge and LanguageTool.
Andrej Shadura <> no
09-tmxreader2.patch Correctly accept 3-letter lang code
Translations not loaded when first 2 letters of 3-character language codes are the same

diff --git a/src/org/omegat/util/ b/src/org/omegat/util/
index 061aa9d..8d35d70 100644
Thomas Cordonnier <> no 2018-11-20

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