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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Add-support-for-debian-qlustar.patch Add support for debian + qlustar Roland Fehrenbacher <> no 2018-01-26
0002-Fix-manpages.patch Fix manpages Roland Fehrenbacher <> no 2018-12-06
0003-Fix-user-visible-spelling-errors.patch Fix user-visible spelling errors "Brian T. Smith" <> no 2018-12-06
0004-Port-sm_capture-to-debian.patch Port sm_capture to debian
1) shbang /bin/bash due to bashisms
2) use dpkg-query instead of rpm
"Brian T. Smith" <> no 2019-02-11
0005-Initialize-sm_qos-first_sc-to-0.patch Initialize sm_qos first_sc to 0
gcc warned that first_sc in sm_qos.c may be used uninitialized
"Brian T. Smith" <> no 2019-02-11
0006-Remove-libjson-c-build-dependency.patch Remove libjson-c build dependency
libjson-c detection found its way into the Makefiles, but it isn't
used in any of the code.
"Brian T. Smith" <> no 2019-02-11
0007-Fix-gcc-10-build-failure.patch Fix gcc-10 build failure
The sm binary fails to build with gcc-10. Adding -fcommon to the build
flags corrects this problem.

Intel Support verified that this is a suitable workaround.
"Brian T. Smith" <> no 2020-11-18
0008-Fix-user-visible-spelling-errors.patch Fix user-visible spelling errors "Brian T. Smith" <> no 2020-11-18

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